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The bad, the good, and the excited

August 30, 2011

Good evening, dear readers!

It hasn’t been the best day in our household. Ms. Emily (Emmy) has to take a trip to the dreaded vet tonight. We’re pretty sure her teeth are overgrown, a common problem for chinchillas. Even knowing it’s common (and maybe even genetic), I still feel like a horrible fur-parent.

If left unattended, overgrown teeth can be deadly to chinchillas because they can’t eat and may get infections. Chinchillas also tend to mask when they’re ill, so you have to pay careful attention to their behaviors to spot a problem before it’s too late.

Poor little Emmy has likely been suffering from this for several weeks (see, bad fur parents!). We found a tuft of fur sticking out of her cheek three weeks ago, but we figured she had just gotten wet drinking as neither her mouth or chin were wet.  Randy noticed last night that she was eating slowly (something she has always done), but coupled with another tuft of fur sticking out he decided to check her teeth. He told me this morning they look overgrown. L

He also checked the other three and, thankfully, they’re fine.

What’s particularly scary is that Emmy will likely have to be put to sleep to have her teeth worked on … She weighs just about one pound!

We have a 5:30 appointment tonight in Cheat Lake. Keep your fingers crossed they’re able to help her! If not, we’ll probably have to go to Bridgeport or Pittsburgh. You can understand why we’re going to be very particular about a vet.


In happier news, I think you should check out THIS entry at WV Brides.

I filled out the Meet the Brides survey and Jaime Leigh posted it yesterday afternoon. 🙂

If you live in the Mountain State and recently got married (or will soon), and would like to be a part of the Meet the Bride series, send an e-mail to


Part 2 of “A Picture is worth …” tomorrow. I’m excited! So excited I almost included it in this post. But I made myself refrain. Have I ever mentioned patience isn’t my strong suit when excited? 😉