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Chomping at the bit

April 15, 2011

71 days remain.

That’s it.

While a wise man (that’s you, Uncle John) once told me not to wish my life away, I’m ready. Ready for June 25 to be here. My excitement level is almost uncontrollable – and I’m having more and more instances of “bride brain.”

I can’t concentrate. I check my e-mail incessantly hoping for one containing our ceremony draft … or a note from the calligrapher saying our envelopes are ready … or a message about our cake topper.

My thoughts are literally going a mile a minute. It’s no wonder I can’t sleep through the night! What’s unusual, though, is I’m not paranoid or worrying (so unlike me!).

Hopefully I’ll be taking some fitness classes with Alicia during the month of May. That’ll give me an outlet for this energy.

Any other suggestions from former brides on taming the crazies? 😉


As of today, I’m down three pounds this week. Five pounds lost total. Woo! I only exercised once this week – and pulled a muscle in my back doing it (improper form doing squats, I would guess) – so I concentrated on drinking water and eating right. 😀