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I dreamed a dream redux

March 20, 2011

Remember long ago when I wrote about having wedding nightmares?

I’m happy to say I didn’t have another wedding-related dream after posting that.

Until last night.

And last night was a doozy, let me tell you. I’m hoping writing about it will ward off any more lurking around in my subconscious.

This vivid dream found me at the Alumni Center the day of our wedding – and everything was wrong.

As it turns out, ours wasn’t the only wedding there that day. The courtyard had been sectioned off for three separate events. One bride had her cake – a round, three-tiered spinning cake with swirled lollipops adorning each tier – outside and I remember remarking how cool I thought it was (and being jealous mine didn’t spin).

Then I walked inside to see what our reception space looked like. It was beautiful, but it wasn’t what I wanted. There were purple flowers everywhere as well as pink and purple sheer table overlays. The floor was turf instead of wood. They had set a head table in the only available area for dancing and, when I asked where people would dance, suggested no one dances at weddings. When I asked them to take away the head table in favor of a sweetheart, all they did was move it to another location in the room.

Then, Alicia and I walked outside to see hundreds of people wandering around the courtyard because no one knew which space was which.

And then it thundered.

I asked what time it was – 12:30 p.m. – and I realized we missed our 9 a.m. hair appointments. So I instructed Alicia to call a local salon to see if they could squeeze us in. They only had time for one person, so I said forget it.

HA! What bride refuses a hair appointment on her wedding day? Obviously me.

Then it started to rain – and those hundreds of wedding guests (none of whom were ours) migrated to our reception hall. They were eating the food, having drinks from the bar, eating the favors we’d set out for our guests.

I woke up just as I sat down in a chair to cry.

I think I’ll blame it on the Cheez-Its I ate before bed. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I dreamed a dream

August 14, 2010

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Please, someone tell me they were also plagued by wedding nightmares dreams while planning their big day. Surely I’m not the only one. ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ve only had two that I can remember, but they were vivid and felt real. So real, in fact, I woke up panicked and sweating.

Seriously, Lindsay? Get a grip.

That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

In my first dream, we were getting married in a concert hall and I was wearing an all-lace dress (!!). The flowers weren’t even close to what I’d ordered, less than half of our guests made it to the ceremony, and the heel of my shoe ripped a huge hole in my dress.

Last night, I dreamed our entire bridal party walked to the football stadium to have pictures taken; however, we were sweaty and gross by the time we got there because it was Then, we found the WVU football team practicing on the field so they turned us away. Then it started to rain. And I bawled.

What the heck? Talk about irrational fears. The football team wouldn’t be practicing on the field in June. And we’d be thumbing a ride to the stadium – not walking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Considering how long I’ve been planning this shindig, I don’t understand what’s going on. With the exception of a few key items, everything is on schedule. I will admit to worrying about things falling apart at the last minute – no matter how much attention I pay to details. Maybe that’s where the dreams are coming from? Or maybe it’s from having so many ideas swirling in my head but no way to make them come to life yet. Knowing how I am, though, I’ve already given myself the “let-it go” (as Van on Reba would say) pep talk for the day of. Who the heck wants to be stressed out on their wedding day? Not this chic.