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‘Mom, I’m getting married here’

July 8, 2010
Erickson Alumni Center

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That title sentence  adequately summarizes how the Alumni Center (AC) came to be the chosen one.

I toured the new venue after a meeting in late 2008 – several months before Randy popped the question. I couldn’t get over how nice the place was! More importantly, with the exception of the Club Room which has red and gold tones, the entire facility is a blank slate with almost endless decorative possibilities. Likewise, the courtyard and fireplace are amazing.

After the tour finished, I called mom while walking to my car. I don’t think I let her finish “Hello” before I blurted, “Mom, I just toured the new Alumni Center. I’m getting married there one day…”

We oohed, aahed and shared exciting ideas, but the information was tucked away for future reference at the end of the conversation. “One day,” I thought.

That one day was Feb. 27, 2009.

I didn’t immediately book AC, however. I researched other venues like I felt I should, but I knew deep down nothing would compare.

I got price lists for the Waterfront Place Hotel and Lakeview Golf Resort and Spa since they best fit my two main requirements for our wedding – outdoor ceremony space and the ability to host the ceremony and reception.

I’ll be honest; I nixed Lakeview right away. My parents were not impressed when they attended a wedding there, and I never really pictured myself getting married on a golf course. I knew if I couldn’t, there was no way Randy could. 😛

WPH was a contender, but, again, the ceremony location (concrete patio overlooking the Monongahela River) wasn’t ideal. In the end, though, the ornate décor was what pushed me away. I’m scared of color, you see, and the idea of mixing pink, orange and green flowers with blue, gold and brown décor was too much for me.

In June, I attended a meeting at the AC and popped my head into the director’s office afterward.

“Hi! Can you tell me how far in advance you take reservations for events?”

“Well,” she said. “I have some 2011 dates booked already.”

Wha …??

After I regained my composure, I was able to tell her we wanted to get married in June 2011. She already had one Saturday booked during the month, but the other three were open. She gave me a packet of information, told me to read it over and give her a call if I was still interested.

And I did … the next day.

Just kidding.

But it was less than a week.

Randy and I met with her to go over the contract in July; Mom and I met with her when I signed the contract and put down the deposit in August; we’ll meet again later this year to discuss menu options. Yay!

Up next: Another Jun-iversary