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Program Fans

September 1, 2010

I’ve neglected this poor little blog for the last week or so, but I’m happy to report I’m no longer drowning in a sea of two jobs, house work and other personal obligations. Wahoo!

Fellow bride blogger Jaime at WV Brides, who recently nixed the idea of programs for her ceremony, inspired me to write about another DIY project I’m excited about – program fans (Jaime even linked to the very template I plan on using)!

If next summer is anything like this one, the late June heat and sun could potentially be unbearable. Of course we have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather (not excluding extreme heat), but it’s a last resort. To help our guests stay cool, we’ll be offering a double duty program. 😉

I originally fell in love with this brightly colored fan from The Knot:

But I worried about printing on metallic paper, so I didn’t get attached to the colors. I still needed a template – and that’s when I came across Alyee Bits:

Oooh … pretty AND functional.

But that’s a lot of cutting. :-O

Then I saw where Michaels carries the Brides line of wedding program fans:

One nice thing about Randy’s job as a Dominion Post carrier is the extra papers (which means extra coupons ;-)). We used two 50% off coupons to purchase two 40-packs of programs. I opened one package up as soon as we got home and was SO disappointed.

The paper was very flimsy and it didn’t “fan” very well. On top of that, there was an oblong hole at the bottom for the ribbon; I wouldn’t find an eyelet to match that if my life depended on it. Back to the store they went…

Then I found something that would enable me to keep my child-like cutting skills under lock and key – Perfect Petals by Custom Programs. Those perforated pieces of paper are SO tempting, but I don’t think the price is right.

So, I’m back to square one. At least I exhausted the majority of my options. I figure I’ll have Randy make a template out of something heavy duty (wood, cardboard, etc.) and use a razor blade to cut the petals.

And, of course, finalize the program months in advance to leave plenty of cutting time. Ha!

BTW – We’re a little over nine months away. It seems like just yesterday we hit the 365 day mark. Wow!