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In the moment

March 29, 2011

Hey yooouuuu guys!

(Man, I love The Goonies ;-))

So, my awesome photographer posted this link on my Facebook page last night:

They post a new wedding picture at 11 a.m. every day. Some are h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s (March 26 and 15)! Some are tearjerkers (March 27). Some are just too cute for words (March 7).

Even if you aren’t planning a wedding, make sure to explore the site. If nothing else, you can live vicariously through these captured moments.



Photograph love

December 15, 2010

You all know I love, love, love pretty pictures and great photography.

This, I believe, fits the definition of both:


Haaby Photography

Lesley is a blogger for The Budget Savvy Bride, one of the first wedding blogs I found after getting engaged, and I’m actually in love with all of her engagement pictures.

Check them out!

P.S. Big, exciting news coming Friday. It’s exciting for me, anyway, and I can’t wait to share with you!


Just the two of us … and a photographer

July 16, 2010

Amberlee Christey Photography

As most you have probably already seen, we had our engagement pictures taken last Sunday.


After eight years together, Randy and I will finally have pictures to frame! Honestly, I can count on one hand the number of photos of us – and the majority were taken during our first year of dating. We’ve changed a bit since then with added grey hairs, wrinkles and dark circles. Ahhh … the beauty of aging. But, I digress.

Knowing this might be the only opportunity for professional photos of just the two of us, finding the perfect photographer was tied with the venue as the most important of the “material” wedding aspects. I knew I wanted someone artistic, somewhat photo-journalistic, who would tell our story through pictures. I wanted someone who was easy-going and personable but isn’t shy about giving directions. I wanted someone who would produce pictures like this:

Amberlee Christey Photography

Amberlee Christey Photography

And this:

Amberlee Christey Photography

Amberlee Christey Photography

And this:

Amberlee Christey Photography

Amberlee Christey Photography

That someone is Amberlee Christey.

I could write paragraph after paragraph about how I found her, why we hired her, and how awesome I think she is. But, I’ll save that for another time. 😉

Let’s talk about our super fun engagement pictures instead.

I’ll admit we could have waited a bit longer to have them taken, but I’m not a patient person – especially when I’m excited about something (Randy and I balance each other that way ;)).

Amberlee told me in advance to think of some places that meant something to us.


I thought and thought, but the only place I could come up with was Domino’s Pizza. Not only is it where we met, but both of us worked there for a LONG time.

Otherwise at a loss, Amberlee said if she picked places one would be grungy.

Sweet! I’m all about grungy, dirty places. I’ve always loved pictures like that. And, let’s face it; Randy spends more than enough time being grungy since he loves working outside and on cars. It’s just so fitting. As is evidenced by this picture:

Amberlee Christey Photography

We took a few shots at Domino’s and then moved on to Westover. For townies, make the first right after crossing the Westover Bridge and we were down along the tracks.

It rained a lot the Friday before and I was worried about the ground being wet, but Amberlee took advantage of the puddles:

Amberlee Christey Photography

And I didn’t even freak out when a spider started crawling on me during this shot:

Amberlee Christey Photography

That’s saying something.

I laughed hysterically at Randy’s inappropriate comments:

Amberlee Christey Photography

And pulled him close to kiss me (while trying not to hit my head on the rusty truck):

Amberlee Christey Photography

When our attempt to go to Osage failed (why were they doing construction on Sunday anyway?), we went downtown to get a few pictures on WVU’s campus.  However, I should learn to read my E-News more carefully because I didn’t realize Woodburn Hall was being refurbished and was covered in scaffolding in the front.

That’s okay, though, because we took pictures in the doorway of Martin Hall – home to the Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism – where I spent the better part of my days during undergrad. and grad. school. By this time, however, I could tell Randy was done. Over it. Tired of pretending to like me. Ha! 😛

In spite of that, she got some great shots:

Amberlee Christey Photography

She also captured two of my favorites. The very first one I posted (best picture of us EVAH!) and this one:

Amberlee Christey Photography

Aww! ♥ ♥ ♥

In the end, this wasn’t just about having fun and getting pictures taken. It was also great practice for the wedding day. I hope we’ll both be more comfortable – freer with our actions and movements (but not too free! :-P) – with the camera(s) around the day of.

Up Next: Bubbles or Ribbon Wands?