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Dressing my mom

September 18, 2010

My mama is on the ball.

She bought a potential Mother of the Bride (MOB) dress Thursday night at JC Penney.

And, yes, I now understand from whom I inherited my “always plan ahead” gene. 😉

Although I haven’t seen it, she said it was black and very similar to the one she wore for my brother’s wedding.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea

It even got my dad’s stamp of approval and, let me tell you, that’s often difficult to get.

The best part? Buyer’s remorse is highly unlikely. Unlike many MOB dresses, this one was inexpensive. Likewise, it wasn’t custom ordered and can be returned without a hassle. Doesn’t mesh well with my dress? No biggie! Take it back.

Ahhh … If only everything wedding-related was that simple.

I did, for a moment, question telling her it was okay to buy it. Worried the black dresses and tuxes – even with the brightly colored flowers – would make it seem more like a funeral than a wedding, I Facebooked a friend (*wave* Stacy) who also had a black and white color scheme.

She assured me it would be fine – and all was right again in wedding world.

I just hope Randy’s mom is that easy to dress. 😉