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July 6, 2010

*taps keyboard*

Are you there readers? It’s me, Lindsay.

Brownie points if you can tell me title and author of the book from which I “borrowed” those sentences.

I set this little site up long ago, but I never got around to blogging. I had these fantasies of getting engaged and magically having all sorts of things to write about. Then I woke up. When I sat down to write my first post at 24 months out, I realized I had nothing. Instead of fighting to find words (something that’s odd for me ;-)), I decided to come back when I was ready.

So, here I am again with 355 days to go. That’s right. Ten days fewer than one year.

Some days I feel like we just got engaged, while others I’m simply ready to be married.

Did anyone else feel that way? I bet not. 😉

Since this is technically my first post, let me introduce you to our wedding:

Time: TBD

Date: June 25, 2011

Place: Erickson Alumni Center (ceremony & reception)

Colors: Black & White with brightly colored flowers

Think of it as a big, fun party that just happens to coincide with our wedding.

Since a blog post is useless without photos, here are some that inspired me:

That’s all for now. Up next: How we came to choose the Alumni Center.