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March 30, 2011

Edit: I notice this post has been extremely popular during the last week. I neglected to mention where I purchased my present (bad blogger!), so here is the info … VirginiaGeigerJewels on Etsy. 😀

I gotz a prezent in the mail todayz!

*happy dance*

Can you guess what it is??

No? Good. Because I couldn’t either. At first I thought it was a piece of jewelry, but low and behold …

It’s my beautiful hair flower!!

I’m in love. I want to wear it everywhere. I even took it to work this afternoon to show it off. 😉

*swoon* 😀


Much ado about hair

March 29, 2011

Hey! Two posts in one day … What do you know? 😉

Remember my meltdown after meeting with the caterer the first time?

Well, today, my co-workers  almost witnessed another one when I realized I’d waited too long to make our hair appointments.

Maybe my latest dream was foreshadowing? *shrug*

My stylist left Spa Roma last year for Tuscan Sun Spa in Fairmont. I’ve been with her for at least six years – and I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing my hair for our wedding – so I vowed to travel the 20 miles to get my hair cut.

Yes, I love her that much.

Besides knowing me (and my hair) well, she’s just a very sweet and caring person. I came to call her my friend, not just my hair stylist.

Even though I was concerned about travel time to and from the salon, I was hellbent on having our hair and makeup done there for the wedding.

Sadly, it was not meant to be.

I called today to schedule a hair and makeup trial, as well as our appointments for the day of. The consultant told me they already have a bridal party scheduled for June 25. The earliest I could be seen was 11 a.m. My bridesmaids? 1 p.m.

I hung up the phone and put my head down on the desk. My cheeks were hot. My heart began to race.

If a salon in Fairmont is already booked, what are my chances of finding a place in Morgantown?

The panic left almost as quickly as it arrived, thankfully. Why get upset when I hadn’t called any other salons?

I fired off an e-mail to Bridesmaid Alicia and posted a message on Facebook asking for salon suggestions.

Before I could get a response, I decided to call Spa Roma – even if I felt like it was a long shot.

And, believe it or not, they weren’t booked! Even the consultant seemed surprised when she told me. What are the chances?

After booking everything I breathed a sigh of relief. Crisis averted. Even though I’m bummed my stylist won’t be doing my hair, it’s a relief to know we’ll be staying in Morgantown that day. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I was obviously more worried about the extra travel time than I thought.


Hair, hair everywhere

November 8, 2010

When I told you about my dress shopping experience, I left out one little tidbit:

I’m not sure I want to wear a veil.

When I found two dresses I really liked – the second-runner-up and The One – my consultant’s first instinct was to grab a veil. I know everyone expected me to beam with joy, but I just wasn’t feeling any of them (especially when she kept draping them over my shoulders).

I was SO thankful when my aunt spoke up (“I don’t think I like a veil on you.”) because, clearly, I was too overwhelmed to speak for myself.

On one hand, I think wearing a veil “completes” the bridal look. On the other, I’m going to be very particular about where it’s placed in my hair. So particular, in fact, wearing one almost seems pointless.

Observe …

The Treasured Petal

See how this bride’s veil is tucked underneath her updo? No draping over the shoulders. No poofiness. No covering the hairstyle.

That’s exactly what I would want.

I should preface what I’m about to write with I’ve ALWAYS thought I’d wear my veil like that. It never crossed my mind to wear it any other way. However, and this is going to sound really shallow, I just don’t want anything covering whatever hairstyle I have.

I typically keep my hair in a chin-length or shorter bob:

It all started at a young age ...

When the inverted bob became trendy thanks to Posh Spice (aka Victoria Beckham), I sported a less-inverted version of it for a year or so:

When we got engaged, however, I started to grow my hair out so I could have a pretty, curly updo on our big day.

And because I’m working really hard to grow long locks, I want to be able to see the finish product in our wedding pictures.

Told you it was shallow. 😉

Veil or no veil, these are some of the hairstyles I like so far:


The Treasured Petal

World Fashion

Celebrity Hairstyle

Big fan of the side part in the front. 🙂


My Wedding Place