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Leaf your thumbprint

November 29, 2010

Our guest book tree arrived today. 😀

I think Randy adequately described the 18×24 poster when he said …

“It looks like a tree in the winter.”

To which I appropriately replied …

“Until our guests put their green ‘leaves’ on there. Then it’ll look like a tree in the summer.”


We took advantage of another Michael’s sale tonight and purchased frames for the poster and directions card. Since the poster arrived in a tube, we figured putting it in the frame for the next seven months would flatten it out. We’ll likely leave it in there and just remove the glass for the day of.

It’s much bigger than it looks! And the directions card:

I opted for all black text and I’m not sure I like it right now. It looks stark and bare. Kind of like a tree in the winter. Haha! I’m sure I’ll feel differently once it buds. 😉

It’s really difficult to believe there are only seven months left … Eek!


Guest Tree

November 10, 2010

Instead of the traditional guest book, we’re having a tree!

I just ordered it from LovliDay on Etsy. Wanna see it? Huh, huh?


Isn’t it adorable?? It has just taken over the candy bar as my current favorite wedding piece. 😀

We’ll provide washable ink pads in two different shades of green so guests can “leaf” their thumbprints. Then they can sign their names beside them.

I’m already looking forward to framing and hanging it in our house. 🙂