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Uber updates

March 23, 2011

Wow! Folks, so much has happened since I last blogged.


The funny part is, on Sunday I told my mom and sister-in-law I felt like I “should” be doing wedding stuff, but I couldn’t think of anything.

Then Monday and Tuesday came. And I felt like I was drowning in decisions.

Let’s see …

  • Our wedding homework is complete and we should have a draft ceremony in our hands by mid-April. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to read it!
  • Our invitation envelopes are safely with the calligrapher in New Jersey. I sent them Saturday morning and they arrived Monday afternoon. You want to hear something crazy? I was able to ship them priority mail with a Monday arrival date for $6.80. Parcel post with a Thursday delivery was $6.20. Why not spend the extra $.60?
  • Although we’re fortunate to only need $.44 stamps for our invitations, I was surprised by the lack of suitable design options. I only found two wedding-appropriate stamps and one was $.61. So, we opted for the traditional wedding rings on the main envelope and the brightly colored Celebrate! for the RSVP:

  • I raided Michaels for stuff for my flower girls and kids who will be at the wedding. I have a separate post planned to show you the loot!
  • Likewise, we bought our heart-shaped cookie cutter. And then we took it back. Then we bought another one and are much happier with it. I have a post scheduled to tell you all about our trial and error. 😉
  • On Monday, Randy finally bought his wedding ring. I may not have told you before, but Randy and I balance each other perfectly. I’m impulsive; he’s deliberate. I tried on three wedding bands before finding the one I wanted … He tried on every ring JB Robinson and Kay Jewelers had in stock – and still couldn’t decide! He finally settled on this one:

  • Tuesday … oh Tuesday … it was one wild rollercoaster.
    • First, I may have a venue and menu for our rehearsal dinner which is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. June 24. I’ve heard lots of people talk about Crosley’s, so I e-mailed the catering manager and she offered some menu suggestions. For appetizers we’re having feta bruschetta, assorted cheeses and pepperoni with kalamata and green olives. We settled on buffet style serving chicken parmesan, camponelle with a vodka sauce, roasted red potatoes with fresh rosemary (yum!), seared zucchini, squash and red onion, and warm garlic bread as dinner. For dessert, cheesecake with raspberry drizzle. I’m still waiting on a price per person before I make the final decision.
    • Then, the Alumni Center called and asked if we could move our rehearsal to 4:30 (from 6 p.m.) June 24. They booked a wedding on the courtyard at 6 p.m. that night. I’m a bit concerned about possibly still rehearsing when the other bride’s guests are arriving, so I hope to get it moved to 4 p.m. I contemplated moving dinner up, but decided to leave it at 7:30. This way people can come to the rehearsal dressed in casual attire, return to the house/hotel afterward and freshen up before we eat.
    • Then we nailed down a date (April 30) for the bridal shower and bachelorette party my wonderful bridesmaids are putting together. Yay!
    • Then I found out one of my bestest friends might not be able to celebrate (aka have some martinis!) with us that weekend. No matter what, it’ll be okay. It just gives me an excuse to have a re-do in Charlotte AFTER the wedding. 😉
    • Finally, I found out my three Disney roomies might be here for the wedding. I so appreciate them! They would, after all, be coming from Florida, Nebraska and the other side of Pennsylvania. Not necessarily cheap or easy. ❤

That last bit of news came just before 10 p.m., so I decided to call it night before the coaster went downhill. 😉

Edit: How could I forget this?? I ordered a necklace and earrings – only of which the earrings were in my previous jewelry post. Also, I ordered my hair flower – which wasn’t one of those I was originally considering. Haha! I’ll make sure to post pics when they arrive.


A country boy cleans up

January 18, 2011

My  groom-to-be tried on tuxedos yesterday morning.

I know it’s a bit early, but you know how I like to plan ahead. 😉

And, really, it’s just a tuxedo. How difficult could it be? As it turns out, it was the most painless item on the wedding to-do list.

We walked into Daniel’s on High Street and were greeted by a nice salesman. I was a bit distracted by the store’s selection of WVU apparel. Did you know they make jeans with Flying WV’s embroidered on the back pockets? Me neither, but I want a pair!

After reminding myself to focus, I told him we were there so Randy could try on tuxedos for our wedding. He asked us questions about the wedding and attire. I quickly rattled off the spiel I’ve grown so accustomed to saying:

“The ceremony will be outdoors. The bridesmaids are wearing short, black chiffon dresses. The basic colors are black and white with bright flowers providing pops of color. My dress is not overly formal – here, you can see a picture of it – and I’m undecided on a veil.”


After listening to my diarrhea of the mouth, the salesman asked about the color of my dress.

“It’s diamond white,” I said.

He made a face and asked if I was sure.

“Well, that’s what the consultant said when I was told they don’t provide dress swatches.”

Evidently, diamond white is somewhere between white and ivory. If my dress is truly that color, they won’t be able to put the guys in white shirts because it’ll make my dress look dirty.

Going on the premise it is diamond white, he began explaining to us the difference between the store’s most popular tuxedo rentals.

Notched and wing collars.

Solids and pinstripes.

Two and three-button jackets.

Traditional satin-striped pants and non-traditional.

Bow and regular ties.

While he was describing everything, I was busy swooning over the first option he discussed – a black on black pinstripe tuxedo without the traditional satin stripe on the pants.

Geno's Formal Affair

My mind was made up.

First, I have a thing for pinstripes. Gah! Second, this tux looks like a suit to me. I wasn’t sold on the idea of a tux because they seem so formal. This is the perfect combination! Third … well, did I mention the pinstripes?

You can’t see them in this picture, but I assure you they are there. 😉

Isn’t he handsome? It’s the first time I’ve ever seen my country boy dressed up. He cleans up well, huh? 😀

I didn’t even take pictures of the other jackets he tried on. Told you I’d already decided. Thankfully, it was the one Randy like best as well. So he says, anyway. Haha!

As the salesman was writing down Randy’s information, I looked at the shirt he was wearing – the shirt that will supposedly coordinate with my dress. It looked ivory (almost yellow) to me. Not content to fly by the seat of my pants on the color, I told the salesman I would bring my dress in to compare the “whites.” It’s the only way I’ll have peace of mind.

With that, the attire chapter is almost finished.

Oh … P.S. …

Two little tidbits I almost forgot.

  • The salesman told me he smiles every time a bride comes in and says her colors are black and white. He said it makes his job (and the bride’s) so much easier when it comes to accessorizing (vest and ties) the tuxedos. Go figure.
  • You can tell Randy isn’t a small man. He’s much thinner than he was this time last year, but he’s not a string bean by any means. The hanger for his coat was labeled “50 L”. Poor guy looked at it and said, “Fifty large …” I quickly told him the “L” stands for Long. I think that made him feel better.

Bachelor party??

November 22, 2010

Remember when I posted this:

Bachelor party? That line actually made me laugh. Poor Randy won’t get a bachelor party since he works every night. He can’t call in sick; he can’t take nights off. Well, he could, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. No need to worry on this end.

I think I lied was misinformed.

Even though I was sick this weekend, I separated myself from the couch long enough to have dinner with Randy and my youngest brother Matt. While munching on some chips and queso, the conversation turned to Randy’s best man, Jaime, and the bachelor party.

Randy: Yeah, Jaime said he’s not sure what he’ll do for the bachelor party … <insert lewd suggestion involving strippers and lap dances>**

Me: Well, how can you even have one? You work every night.

Randy: I’m not supposed to work the night before the wedding …

Me: You are not having your bachelor party the night before the wedding! Are you kidding me?

Matt: (laughing hysterically) Do it!

My mind immediately flashed to this picture:

Complete exaggeration, of course.

I am torn over the situation, though.

On one hand, Randy deserves a night of fun. He’s a home-body who works hard and very rarely hangs out (in the beer-drinking sense) with his friends. If the night before the wedding is the only time he can have a bachelor party, who am I to tell him he can’t?

On the other hand, I asked him to take that Friday off so he could be well-rested for our big day. Randy could fall asleep at the drop of a hat … and typically sleeps during the day. I figured taking the night off would help curb that. Bachelor party ≠ Rest.

Stay tuned to see what unfolds. 😉

**Jaime’s wife would make his life a living hell (I’m not joking) if strippers were involved, so I think we’re safe.