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FPF: The stairway

March 4, 2011

Welcome, welcome to the first edition of Fantastic Photo Friday!

I toyed with the idea of Fantastic Foto Friday, but I thought it looked like I was trying too hard to be clever. Which I totally was, of course. I’d never make it as an editor or headline specialist at a newspaper. Just ask my boss. 😉

I’m also in the midst of a Facebook vacation. Inspired by my youngest brother’s girlfriend, who recently deactivated her account because the site was consuming too much of her time, I began the self-imposed hiatus yesterday morning. I never realized how much my life (and I’d argue the lives of a lot of people) revolved around one measly social networking site until I clicked the “Deactivate” link.

Almost instantly my phone stopped buzzing with new comment or wall post alerts.

I became more productive at work.

I even did a trial run of our ribbon wands last night.

I didn’t feel compelled to post how annoyed I was when I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night.

At the same time, however, I felt a bit lost.

On my lunch break yesterday, I opened the laptop and realized I had nowhere to visit.

When I need to look for someone, my first instinct is to check Facebook.

Likewise, the majority of contact with my friends is through the site. Eek!

No vacation lasts forever, though. I’m sure I’ll be back feeling refreshed and with a new perspective. Turning off e-mail notifications for Facebook would be an excellent place for me to start. And perhaps removing one-touch access to the site from my phone’s home screen. 😉

Onto FPF!

Here’s the thing. Two years ago this awesome guy asked me to marry him. And I went bananas bookmarking blog posts with specific pictures I adored. I didn’t save them for the dresses, flowers or décor (but I have plenty of those, too); I saved them because I genuinely love the pictures (composition, lighting, etc.).

The inaugural picture comes to us from Style Me Pretty and Turn Loose the Art Photography:

Turn Loose the Art

There are a few things I like about this shot. After taking in the entire picture, my eyes moved from the top of the stairs to the bottom, taking in each person and his or her facial expression. Although you know it’s staged, it’s not overwhelmingly apparent – especially when each group is lost in conversation (or kisses ;)).

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