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Something special for my … dress

March 14, 2011

I bought myself a birthday/wedding present yesterday.

I guess it’s a present for my dress, too. 😉

I was going to post a picture, but they aren’t watermarked and there is copyright infringement language on her site that scares me so …… CLICK HERE to see what I ordered.

The LilaFrances hangers were featured in an issue of Martha Stewart Weddings when I first started planning. I found and bookmarked her Etsy site immediately, but I wanted to hold off until closer to the wedding to make a purchase.

As it turns out, I should have ordered when I first discovered her beautiful wire work. Her designs have become so popular she’s established a different website for some of them – and only puts 100 up for sale every Sunday. They often sell out in a matter of minutes. Also, since each piece is handmade, there is at least an 8-10 week wait before your item ships.

Crazy, huh?

The hanger will be personalized with our names (duh!), but there is only room for 14 characters – with a space counting as one.

“lindsay + randy” is 15 characters.


So, I opted for “linds + randy”


I’m very excited to see my dress hanging on it … and have it and pictures for keepsakes! 🙂


Do as I say, not as I do

February 13, 2011

I really, really dislike that phrase. For the most part, I think it’s a double standard.

There are, however, exceptions. And my briefly terrifying (and funny) experience today is one of them.

I’m not sure what came over me, but I decided to try on my wedding dress. It’s probably the same feelings of excitement and anxiousness that lead me to randomly try on my wedding band from time to time.

(As an aside, Randy has since hidden my ring. He says it’s bad luck to wear it before the big day. I, as you might guess, don’t believe in such nonsense.)

I wasn’t sure how I would put it on alone.

I wasn’t even sure how I would zip it up.

Before I knew it, though, I was standing in my unmentionables and pulling the dress out of it’s garment bag. Knowing I’d never be able to put it on over my head, I decided to step into it.

As I gently tugged on the zipper, I hear riiiiiiipppppppp.

You can imagine the thoughts that ran through my mind …

Holy ^&%$!

What the hell just ripped?

I knew I’d gained a few pounds, but not that much!

Maybe it was the tag.

I finally got up the courage to turn the dress around (yes, while it was still on my body) and survey the damage.

And I let out a sigh of relief.

It was just a thread holding a gather in place at the base of the zipper. There are two more just like it – both with a well-worn look. It was just a matter of time before it ripped.

I’m actually glad it happened today because I’ll be able to point it out to the alterations person. Hopefully he/she can use stronger thread to fix it.



Black Friday shopping

November 26, 2010

Black Friday.

You likely smiled, shuddered or rolled your eyes reading those words.

I don’t typically get up at the butt crack of dawn for the best deals, but I don’t shy away from the madness of the day either. It’s kind of fun … in a crazy sort of way. 😉

This year, however, my shopping was a bit different.

I picked up my wedding dress from David’s Bridal.


When I tried it on at home for my mom and aunt, I was surprised the dress felt too big. It fit around my stomach and rib cage but was too big in the back and chest.

Story of my life. Ha!

I’ll just have to tell the seamstress to alter it as tight as possible without making me look like a sausage. 😛 I don’t want to be one of those brides who tugs at her dress all day.

With the fit aside, I’m very excited the dress won’t have to be hemmed. It’s the perfect length with the crinoline and shoes. My perfectly pink shoes.

Yay! 🙂


Dress found, game over

September 28, 2010

I found my dress last Saturday. 🙂

I’m going to tell you up front that you can’t see it (gotta keep something a secret!); however, if you remember the dresses I liked and compare them to the rejects below, you’ll know which is The One.

Let me begin the experience recap with some observations and reactions:

  • Trying on dresses was not as traumatic as I feared. People asked all week if I was excited and my answer was always, “Not yet.” It’s true I was extremely busy and didn’t have much time to think about it, but I was more nervous than anything. That leads me to …
  • It’s okay to try on dresses even if they’re too small. Unless the size difference is drastic, the dress will go on. It won’t zip up or button, but you’ll still be able to see the front. Half of the dresses I tried on (including The One) were two sizes too small. And it was okay.
  • David’s Bridal is not for meek and timid brides. The consultants work on commission so it’s all about making the sale – and not just on the dress. It’s the slips, the bras, the veils, the jewelry and any other wedding accessory you can think of. I was lucky enough to have an understanding consultant. Yes, she tried to get me to buy every little thing; however, she didn’t push when I said no.

And now what you really want to see … the dresses!

Style 9WG9854: Tank faille A-line gown with beaded waistband

The first dress of the day! Since the dress was too small, the beaded waistband was more of a beaded breast-band. Ha! It was nice, but more Roman goddess than I’d ever care to be. I also felt like I was wearing a night gown. Moving on …

Style 9T3090: Cap sleeved satin side-draped A-Line Gown

One of my top two while scoping out dresses. It gave me the most amazing shape – and even made my aunt cry – but all I could think about was taking off the damned cap sleeves and lace back. I even said to myself, “I’d pick this dress if I were getting married in a church.” But I’m not, so off it came.

Style 9V9263: Satin corset pick-up with beaded lace appliques

Bridesmaid Becky suggested I try this one one. It would never be anything I’d ever pick, but I figured you only try on wedding dresses once. The corset back on it was A-mazing! Lauren, my consultant (who also happens to be a Pitt and Notre Dame fan – boo!!), even took the time to lace it completely. Unfortunately for her fingers, I didn’t waste any time wearing it.

Style 9WG3153: Satin side-draped A-Line gown with beaded inset

Sorry for the ugly face! I was queen of the ugly and cheesy faces Saturday. This actually might have been after Lauren told me (for the umpteenth time) that I was about to fall off the pedestal. There isn’t much I can say about this dress. Too plain. Forgettable. It gave me a nice shape, though.

Style 9ES9808: Faile ball gown with V-neck and hidden pockets

I look at this picture and the only thing that comes to mind is … WTF was I thinking? It was not in the least bit flattering! I was really excited it had pockets though. I could have carried my phone and then updated my Facebook relationship status after saying “I do.” You know I would’ve too! 😉

Style 9T3060: Beaded tank taffeta pick-up gown with X-back

Ick. This dress puts the “girls” front and center – and I’m not all about that. Lauren’s manager tried to tell me they could sew a modesty piece into the top, but I didn’t think it would look right. Who wants to walk down the aisle wearing something that looks mis-matched?

While Lauren was helping me out of the last dress, she said the only dress they had for The One was on a mannequin at the front of the store – and it was two sizes too small. When I asked if I could try it on anyway, she told me they were “stripping the mannequin” as we spoke.

Ten minutes later I was stepping on the pedestal wearing my future dress. I took one look in the mirror and turned to my entourage saying, “Guys, I really like it!” As I turned to look again, I heard my aunt say, “Good. That’s the most excitement we’ve gotten out of you yet.”

Then I started to cry.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


Dressing my mom

September 18, 2010

My mama is on the ball.

She bought a potential Mother of the Bride (MOB) dress Thursday night at JC Penney.

And, yes, I now understand from whom I inherited my “always plan ahead” gene. 😉

Although I haven’t seen it, she said it was black and very similar to the one she wore for my brother’s wedding.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea

It even got my dad’s stamp of approval and, let me tell you, that’s often difficult to get.

The best part? Buyer’s remorse is highly unlikely. Unlike many MOB dresses, this one was inexpensive. Likewise, it wasn’t custom ordered and can be returned without a hassle. Doesn’t mesh well with my dress? No biggie! Take it back.

Ahhh … If only everything wedding-related was that simple.

I did, for a moment, question telling her it was okay to buy it. Worried the black dresses and tuxes – even with the brightly colored flowers – would make it seem more like a funeral than a wedding, I Facebooked a friend (*wave* Stacy) who also had a black and white color scheme.

She assured me it would be fine – and all was right again in wedding world.

I just hope Randy’s mom is that easy to dress. 😉


Dress Dilemma (Part Two)

September 12, 2010

Part One

With Bonny dresses and Checker’s Bridal out of the picture, I needed to find somewhere else to make an appointment.

Since I didn’t (completely) listen to my mom the first time around, I decided to heed her advice and make an appointment at David’s Bridal.

I hadn’t looked at the store’s dresses in a long time, but I was pleasantly surprised by how many I liked.

Style 9WG9984

The best part of this dress? It has freaking pockets! For an Italian who talks with her hands, you’d think I’d have no need for pockets. But, I do. And to incorporate them into a wedding dress is genius.

Style 9WG3153

Style 9V9665

These two are very similar in shape. The first one might be too plain, while the second might have too much detail. Although I’m not wowed by either, I still want to give them a try.

These last two are at the top of the “Love” list right now …

Style 9T3090

Words cannot describe how much I love this dress  from the bust down. I think the lace on top would be okay if it were cap sleeves, but the back looks like this:

It makes the dress very romantic, almost Victorian – and that doesn’t mesh well with the modern feel I have in mind for the wedding. The lace looks like it could be removed, but I’m anxious to see the dress in person to find out.

Style 9WG3045

Oh so simple with a bit of flower flare. I had the pleasure of seeing this dress on a bride yesterday afternoon while helping Becky pick out a dress for her wedding. It’s even more beautiful in person! 😀 I must have said, “I love that” at least 10 times.

I think I’ve found my dress shopping excitement again. T-minus 13 days. 🙂


Dress Dilemma

September 10, 2010

I have had a dress dilemma – and I haven’t even been shopping.

Remember when I wrote about the beautiful Bonny gowns and the shop close to home that carries the line?

Well, it turns out the store doesn’t stock the line after all.


I called Checker’s Bridal last week to make an appointment and inquired about Bonny’s Unforgettable line. Lynn, who I’m assuming is the shop owner, told me she didn’t have any dresses in stock; however, I could Borrow a Bonny.

For a $75 fee (which covers shipping and insurance to and from the store), I can “borrow” a dress from the designer to try on. At Checker’s, the $75 then acts as a credit toward the purchase of my dress (not just the one I borrowed). The beauty of the borrow program is a lot of times you can get one in your size.

Knowing I needed to mull things over (aka. Ask mom for her opinion), I made an appointment but said I would call back if I wanted to borrow a dress. More specifically, this dress:

Bonny 1004

Mom was 100% against the idea. Her concern (and mine as well) was I wouldn’t like anything I tried on and then be out $75.

But I really wanted to see that dress on me. I called several other stores and they didn’t have the dress either.

Prompted by questions from Tania about prices and deposits for bridesmaids’ dresses, I called Lynn Wednesday and picked her brain.

She recognized my name immediately and said, ironically, another bride called not 10 minutes after me last week inquiring about the same dresses.

*Side note – Lynn is awesome. Although, as you’ll read, I didn’t like all of the answers to my questions, she never once made me feel like a PITA (that’s pain in the ass, if you didn’t know); she answered everything I asked, and was even understanding when I told her I was a overwhelmed. If I were a “regular” bride (whatever that is), I wouldn’t hesitate to at least visit her store. /side note*

Realizing it might be beneficial to have some of the dresses in the store, she talked about having a trunk show.

I got all kinds of excited when she said that.

Until she told me it wouldn’t be until November – and the dresses would only be size 16.

Ughhh! Seriously? Why? Why offer a plus-sized collection but only show the smallest size in the line? Do these designers think we (ie. plus-sized brides) don’t actually want to try them on? Why not pick a middle of the road size?

Completely overwhelmed, I went against my mother’s advice and told Lynn I wanted to borrow a dress.

After telling her what size I’d need, I asked how many dresses she had on-hand I could actually try on.


Well, ok, at least it’ll be a quick appointment. :-/

My final question was about the price range for bridesmaids’ dresses.

$169-229, but the average is $199.

Look, I know these dresses aren’t cheap. At the same time, I can’t ask my friends to spend $200 (not including alterations) on a dress they may wear once. If I can save them even $50, I’d rather do that.

I hung up the phone feeling deflated and realizing two things. One, I should have listened to my mom. Two, I won’t be buying my dress from that store. I should have called back right then to cancel the dress and appointment, but I got swept into a work-related function.

Several hours later, though, someone or something intervened on my behalf. 😉

Lynn called to say the designer didn’t have the dress I wanted in ivory. I could have ordered it in white but declined.

It just wasn’t meant to be. And that’s okay.

Where am I going now – and what new dresses do I have in mind? Stay tuned for Part Two.