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Dress found, game over

September 28, 2010

I found my dress last Saturday. 🙂

I’m going to tell you up front that you can’t see it (gotta keep something a secret!); however, if you remember the dresses I liked and compare them to the rejects below, you’ll know which is The One.

Let me begin the experience recap with some observations and reactions:

  • Trying on dresses was not as traumatic as I feared. People asked all week if I was excited and my answer was always, “Not yet.” It’s true I was extremely busy and didn’t have much time to think about it, but I was more nervous than anything. That leads me to …
  • It’s okay to try on dresses even if they’re too small. Unless the size difference is drastic, the dress will go on. It won’t zip up or button, but you’ll still be able to see the front. Half of the dresses I tried on (including The One) were two sizes too small. And it was okay.
  • David’s Bridal is not for meek and timid brides. The consultants work on commission so it’s all about making the sale – and not just on the dress. It’s the slips, the bras, the veils, the jewelry and any other wedding accessory you can think of. I was lucky enough to have an understanding consultant. Yes, she tried to get me to buy every little thing; however, she didn’t push when I said no.

And now what you really want to see … the dresses!

Style 9WG9854: Tank faille A-line gown with beaded waistband

The first dress of the day! Since the dress was too small, the beaded waistband was more of a beaded breast-band. Ha! It was nice, but more Roman goddess than I’d ever care to be. I also felt like I was wearing a night gown. Moving on …

Style 9T3090: Cap sleeved satin side-draped A-Line Gown

One of my top two while scoping out dresses. It gave me the most amazing shape – and even made my aunt cry – but all I could think about was taking off the damned cap sleeves and lace back. I even said to myself, “I’d pick this dress if I were getting married in a church.” But I’m not, so off it came.

Style 9V9263: Satin corset pick-up with beaded lace appliques

Bridesmaid Becky suggested I try this one one. It would never be anything I’d ever pick, but I figured you only try on wedding dresses once. The corset back on it was A-mazing! Lauren, my consultant (who also happens to be a Pitt and Notre Dame fan – boo!!), even took the time to lace it completely. Unfortunately for her fingers, I didn’t waste any time wearing it.

Style 9WG3153: Satin side-draped A-Line gown with beaded inset

Sorry for the ugly face! I was queen of the ugly and cheesy faces Saturday. This actually might have been after Lauren told me (for the umpteenth time) that I was about to fall off the pedestal. There isn’t much I can say about this dress. Too plain. Forgettable. It gave me a nice shape, though.

Style 9ES9808: Faile ball gown with V-neck and hidden pockets

I look at this picture and the only thing that comes to mind is … WTF was I thinking? It was not in the least bit flattering! I was really excited it had pockets though. I could have carried my phone and then updated my Facebook relationship status after saying “I do.” You know I would’ve too! 😉

Style 9T3060: Beaded tank taffeta pick-up gown with X-back

Ick. This dress puts the “girls” front and center – and I’m not all about that. Lauren’s manager tried to tell me they could sew a modesty piece into the top, but I didn’t think it would look right. Who wants to walk down the aisle wearing something that looks mis-matched?

While Lauren was helping me out of the last dress, she said the only dress they had for The One was on a mannequin at the front of the store – and it was two sizes too small. When I asked if I could try it on anyway, she told me they were “stripping the mannequin” as we spoke.

Ten minutes later I was stepping on the pedestal wearing my future dress. I took one look in the mirror and turned to my entourage saying, “Guys, I really like it!” As I turned to look again, I heard my aunt say, “Good. That’s the most excitement we’ve gotten out of you yet.”

Then I started to cry.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


It’s here!

September 25, 2010

Shoes? Check.

Potential veil? Check.

Strapless bra? Check.

Dresses pictures? Check.

Three friends, one mom, and one aunt? Check.

That list can only mean one thing … Wedding dress shopping day has arrived!

Wish me luck! 😀