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Father-Daughter dance

January 28, 2011

Although my Dad and I didn’t always have the best relationship growing up, we’ve definitely become closer now that I’m an adult (and no longer live at home ;)).

I danced with my brother at his wedding in 2009. After I finished, my Dad motioned for me to dance with him … and I burst into tears. All I could think about was the two of us dancing together on my wedding day. I’ve already told you I’ll likely cry when he sees me all dolled up for the first time …

I’m actually getting teary-eyed writing this. 😦

*deep breath*

Moving on …

I want to find us a good song for our Father-Daughter dance. If my mom had her way, we’d be dancing to I Loved Her First by Heartland; however, it’s not really my style. I’ll ask our DJ to play it at some point, but not for our dance.

These two are my favorites right now:

Daughter by Loudon Wainwright

Father & Daughter by Paul Simon


What was your Father-Daughter song?