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Our stamp is here!

November 15, 2010

Although I didn’t blog about ordering it, some of you may remember when I posted about it on Facebook.

I’d been eyeing this custom stamp from Expressionery for months, but it wasn’t until I found a 40% off coupon that I decided to buy it. I plan on using it to stamp our return address on our invitation and thank you envelopes. 🙂 I figured it would be a cute way to personalize the outside of our invitations, as well as save time and my hand. 😉

I was SO excited when I opened the mailbox this afternoon to find a box addressed to me. For a moment I even forgot why I would be receiving such a package. I tossed the other (junk) mail in its proper basket and excitedly opened the box (without shutting the front door or setting down my purse, I might add).

As I pulled the stamper out of its protective bubble wrap, I looked at the top and deflated just a bit.

“The address text is dark and thick. That’s not what I remember it looking like. Will anyone be able to read it?”

I decided to test it before making any judgements.

The truth is …

The text is darker than I thought it would be.

It could also benefit from a tracking adjustment so the letters don’t run together. It likely worked out that way so our names and address could fit in the designated amount of space – something I thought might happen but secretly hoped wouldn’t.

Despite all of that, it’s cute and unique and I’m still looking forward to using it. 😀