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Hey! Did you hear?

August 3, 2010

Chelsea Clinton got married!

I’m sure you haven’t heard. It’s not like it was dubbed “our royal wedding” or anything. 😉

Although my post is not timely (dang part-time job!), congratulations to the happy couple! I’m sure they’re reading this as they sip mojitos on the shores of some private beach. 😀

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures, but I particularly liked these two:

TPI News

She looks beautiful (and so much like her mother)! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have custom Vera Wang gowns?

Washington Post

I’ll admit, this picture kind of choked me up (lame, I know). Not because of who it is, but because I’m sentimental and it makes me think of walking down the aisle with my dad – especially since I’m the only girl. I can already pinpoint at least three times I’m going to cry on our wedding day – when Dad sees me in my dress for the first time, when Randy and I see each other for the first time, and saying my vows.

Speaking of dresses … Wanna see one I like? Sure you do! 🙂

Forever Yours

I found it this evening in my new Brides magazine. It’s the plainest of the ones I like, but simple isn’t always a bad thing. I’d probably have to get rid of the belt though. 😛

Up Next: More dresses!