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I’ve been thinking

December 19, 2010

Dangerous, right?

I’ve been talking about having a candy buffet as our wedding favor since we got engaged. I have all of my glassware. I’ve bookmarked different online candy sellers. I’ve even saved tons of buffet pictures to use as inspiration.

I think the amount of time and effort required to make it successful finally hit me this week.

Choosing candy … ordering the proper amount … signage … scoops … bags or boxes … “branding” said bags or boxes … doing test set ups for pictures to ensure proper arrangement the day of … transporting it all to the venue … etc.

Also, there wouldn’t be anyone to “man” the table during the reception to replenish empty or low containers.

Of course, it could be that I’m just “over” the idea. 😉

Or maybe the spirit of giving is the culprit.

In lieu of favors, I kinda like the idea of making a donation to the American Cancer Society in our guests’ names. My maternal grandmother died of colon cancer when I was in seventh grade. Randy has an uncle who was just diagnosed with cancer. I also know many people who have either been afflicted by a form of cancer or have a family member who has. I’d be willing to bet our guest could say the same. :-/

So …


Candy, candy everywhere

July 27, 2010

One of the material* wedding items I’m most excited about is our candy buffet.

I’m an equal opportunity candy lover (except black licorice flavored anything … ick). That’s probably why my teeth are more metal and porcelain than enamel and dentin, but I’d rather blame that on genetics. 😉

When brainstorming ideas for favors, Randy and I both agreed we wanted something edible. We looked at personalized M&Ms, endangered species-friendly dark chocolate bars, or creating West Virginia shaped iced cookies. I was 95% sold on the cookies when I came across this picture online:

All of that candy on one color-coordinated table almost sent my sweet tooth into overdrive.

I immediately began searching for the best candy prices (Bulk Foods with $5 shipping on orders over $75) and glassware (too expensive because of shipping) online. When I crunched the numbers, it seemed like pulling off this candy bar would be too expensive. I thought about it until my wheels became squeaky (as Randy would say) and finally quoted the famous Nike slogan: Just Do It.

I scoured several Saturday yard sales with my friend (and bridesmaid) Tania for glassware and walked away with 19 containers of various shapes and sizes for a fraction of the original cost:

I originally wanted to coordinate the candy with the colors of our flowers (pink, orange and green). That meant lots of peach rings, orange, strawberry and green apple jelly beans, boxed Nerds, and rock candy. However, Randy was quick to point out that sticking with those colors might decrease our options of candy people actually like.

Back to the drawing board.

I wanted there to be some sort of theme – not just a mish mash of candy thrown into glasses.

I realized the table would need some sort of decoration, but not necessarily flowers. I Googled candy buffets countless times hoping something would jump out at me. While I didn’t immediately find my muse, I did find some gorgeous and well-executed bars:

Somewhere along the line, however, I stumbled upon these gumball topiaries and decided two of them would make lovely centerpieces for the buffet (one of the craft projects I alluded to here):

It just so happens Michael’s was having a HUGE sale last week, so I made several trips to the store for supplies to take advantage of every coupon. I walked away with all of the candles for our reception tables, supplies for the topiaries and three of the four letters for the cake table decorations.

Not only will the topiaries serve as centerpieces, but they’ll also be the inspiration for the candies we choose – Runts, M&Ms, Swedish Fish, Nerds, Pixie Sticks, Rock Candy … the list goes on and on. 😀 I can’t wait to start gluing gumballs to Styrofoam and burning my fingers on the hot glue gun!

*These material items I write about (pictures, candy, cake toppers, flowers, etc.) are important to make the vision of our wedding come to life, but nothing is as important as exchanging vows and celebrating with our family and friends. Differentiating between the two is my way of maintaining perspective. Sometimes it’s difficult not to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of planning this huge party; however, at the end of the day you’re married – which is the only thing that matters. I’m sure the married gals reading this understand what I’m saying.