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Cake 2.0

October 13, 2010

Just after posting yesterday’s blog, Bridesmaid Alicia left a comment on It’s a Giveaway about going through wedding withdrawal since I hadn’t posted in two weeks.

Sorry ‘bout that!

I was shamelessly hoping someone would actually want the Shutterfly gift card – which has since been gifted to my hair stylist – and wanted that post to remain prominent.

Anywho, I started thinking about what’s transpired during the last 14 days I could write about.

The only thing I could come up with was cake. Again. I ♥ cake.

After our initial meeting with Almost Heaven Desserts (AHD), I called another baker and inquired about prices. Since I inadvertently interrupted her vacation (I was surprised to be calling a cell phone anyway), I asked her to call me back on Saturday (completely forgetting I’d be dress shopping) to get my address to send information.

She never called.

I let a week pass before sending her an e-mail in which I included my address and requested the information again.

No response. No info came in the mail.

Even though red flags were going up all around me, had I truly been set on hiring her, I would have tried a third time; however, I wasn’t. I told Randy what I had found out (or hadn’t) and he mulled it over.

Two Sundays ago, he asked if I wanted to go ahead with AHD. I told him I wasn’t sure. Yes the cake was divine, but I wasn’t comfortable spending the extra money for it.

So he said he’d pay for it.

Thank you, cake gods!

Even though it’s a small burden in the grand scheme of things, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders when he said that.

I called last week to put down the deposit and relayed what kind of cake we’d like – Three-tiered round cake with an additional 10-inch cake on the side. All layers with buttercream icing.

  • Top: Carrot cake
  • Middle: Chocolate with raspberry filling
  • Bottom: White with buttercream
  • 10-inch side: Chocolate with raspberry filling

I think that will give us a 50/50 mix of frou frou and traditional.

As I mentioned before, the design will be rather plain. I have something special planned for the topper and stand, so I want them to be the center of attention, not the cake.

I just want it to taste good. 😛


Let them eat cake!

September 21, 2010

Randy and I had cake for lunch today.

Not just any cake, but sinfully delicious cake.


Our first stop was Almost Heaven Desserts in Clarksburg. I sampled their carrot cake at Lakeview’s Fall Bridal Show last year and fell in love. For good measure, I tried it again at this year’s show.

Yep. Still in love. 😉

The bakery got bonus points for displaying an almost exact replica of what I want for our cake. Although I didn’t snap a picture, it was just like this (minus the flowers):

Armed with that picture and sensitive sweet taste buds, Randy and I drove 40 minutes down 1-79  to the bakery which, oddly enough, looked like it was in a converted basement of a house. I’m not sure what I was expecting – display cases full of cakes, cookies and pies, maybe? What I got was a small lobby with an empty display case and a view of their workspace.

We were greeted by Deeanna, who left us with basic paper work (name, address, wedding date, etc.) while she prepared our samples:

Clockwise from top right: White cake with buttercream icing, raspberry filling, carrot cake with buttercream icing, white cake with buttercream icing, chocolate cake with buttercream icing.

After Deeanna left us alone, we both went straight for the carrot cake. Somehow, though, I don’t think Randy was as impressed as I was.

Me: Mmm … Isn’t that awesome?

Randy: It’s good.


Next, we tasted the white with a bit of raspberry filling. It was by far our least favorite of the three. The cake seemed dry and the raspberry filling didn’t complement it very well. I’ve never been a big fan of white cake, so I wasn’t surprised I didn’t like it.

The chocolate cake, however, was super moist and had great flavor! Although I was hesitant to pair it with the raspberry filling (the combo is pass/fail in my book), it was delish. In fact, I ate more of it than I did the carrot cake.

Randy is a laid back, non-froo-froo guy whose one wedding request was to have a plain (aka no special fruit or cream filling) wedding cake. Unfortunately, I’m the exact opposite. So I offered a compromise:

We’ll have carrot cake for our top tier (saved for our anniversary), chocolate cake with raspberry filling for the middle, and white cake with buttercream for the bottom. Something for everyone!

In agreement and with full bellies …

we talked business money with Deeanna.

The numbers weren’t as bad as I’d anticipated – $442 for a three-tiered cake (saving top tier for us), a 10-inch side cake, taxes and delivery – but still over the budget I’d set. Clearly I had no idea how much cake costs when I set my budget.

Not completely deflated but a little sad, we thanked her for her time and began the trek back to Motown. During the car ride Randy asked if there were other places I had in mind. I told him about Myers Creative Cakes (MCC) and mentioned Giant Eagle.

I called MCC and chatted with the owner about prices. For buttercream cakes, it’s $2.25 a slice. She also offers fondant for $3.25/slice, or a faux fondant cake for half the price. On the surface, that’s cheaper than Almost Heaven; however, I’m waiting on a contract to see about delivery fees, etc.

On a whim, we swung by Giant Eagle. I had a friend who used round cakes from Giant Eagle as her table centerpieces and raved about how good they were.

I asked the baker about wedding cakes and she immediately said, “We do wedding cakes, but we don’t deliver or set them up.”

I figured as much. Blah! Who’s going to be in charge of that on the day of the wedding? Not this girl.

Even though I was secretly writing it off in my brain, I continued to listen to the information.

“I’ll bake it ahead of time and freeze it. It’ll thaw out by the time you need it.”


“We stack the tiers on top of each other.”


“They’ll be 14, 10 and 6-inch cakes,” as she points to the tiniest cake I’ve ever seen in the display case.

Although Randy swears it would be fine, I think the tiers would look out of proportion. I also worry our cake topper will overwhelm the top tier. Eek!

When the woman stopped to take a breath, I asked the all important question:

“Can you give me a price breakdown?”

She grabbed her calculator and punched in some numbers.



And it’s not like Giant Eagle has sucky cake. It’s great! The price alone is tempting, but I’m not completely sold on the idea. What if it doesn’t thaw out in time? What if it thaws out and the icing starts to sag? Who would be in charge of picking it up? What if the cake topper (it’s the focal point of the cake) is too big?

Decisions, decisions. Glad we started this process early!