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Farewell to bridal shows

September 14, 2010

Since I still need a cake baker, officiant and ceremony musician, I dragged Tania to the fall bridal show at Lakeview Sunday afternoon.

Although we had a nice time, I walked away knowing it would be the last time I’d attend as a bride.

We went last fall and had a blast! We talked to every vendor, ate lots of cake, shook our heads at some of the ridiculous fashion show dresses, and walked away with tons of information. Tania was even so kind as to carry my five-pound bag of literature.

She did the same this year and said, “Your bag isn’t as heavy. How come?”

Well, because I don’t need the information; I’ve already booked the majority of my vendors.

It was a bittersweet moment.

As excited as I am to marry my love, I’m really going to miss planning our wedding. Don’t get me wrong; I know there is still plenty to do. For the most part, though, the “fun” part is over.

We did, however,  sample lots of cake (the real reason we went :P) and I finally decided Almost Heaven Desserts (they have the best carrot cake!) needs to be our first cake appointment. We also got to chat with Amberlee for a bit (love her so). We ate loaded mashed potatoes from martini glasses. Played with props in a photo booth. And watched the fashion show, complete with male dancers modeling the latest in men’s formal wear.

At some point I’ll share the five-minute video of their dancing skillz with you, but I need to rotate it first.

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