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Getting that bridal glow

March 1, 2011

When it comes to the skin on my face, I consider my adult self relatively blessed.

I very rarely break out and have an even complexion. I do have a tendency to flush when hot, stressed, eating spicy foods or drinking alcohol; however, my dermatologist prescribed MetroGel and that seems to help, but it’s not a cure.

Like most people, I really struggled with my complexion as a teenager – especially on my forehead. I hid behind bangs (which I now know only made my acne worse) and tried most gels, creams and washes (except Accutane).

I wouldn’t say there was a particular medication that helped, but I believe I simply “outgrew” the acne. Maturing (and washing your face twice a day) had a lot to do with that I’m sure.

While in college, I bounced around from face wash to face wash – often mixing brands of cleanser, moisturizer, foundation and makeup – until a friend and former co-worker began selling Mary Kay.

I was hooked.

Although I’ve had several different consultants (for various reasons), I’ve been a faithful MK user for seven years.

Like shoes or purses are for some women, you could say skin care and makeup are my guilty pleasures.

If anything will save me from the pre-wedding breakouts I’ve read so much about, it’ll be maintaining my skin care routine. It’s far from basic, but it doesn’t take a lot of time.

I’m a big fan of the TimeWise Miracle Set:

Cleanser, Day Solution, Night Solution, and Moisturizer

Here’s my routine in order of application:



When it comes to makeup, I enjoy having a variety of shadows, liners and blushes at my disposal. I’m also love matching my makeup to my mood.

Feeling carefree or laid back? I often opt for a subtle look with pink, cream and gold shadows and bronze eyeliner.

Feeling bold? Shimmery grays, blues and a steel liner are my picks. I’ve also had some success with smokey eyes, but only when someone else applied the makeup for me. 😉

Hands down, though, my favorite look is chocolate brown and plum shadows with an amethyst eyeliner. The shades of purple really enhance my green eyes … and work well with my pale skin and dark hair.

Although I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup while trying to get my allergies under control, I almost never leave the house without putting on foundation (and often bronzer and blush). I long ago (thanks to LOTS of MK parties) stopped considering foundation “makeup.” It’s now a barrier between my skin and the pollution floating around in the air. When I think of it that way, it grosses me out so I take the extra minute or two to apply the foundation. Haha!

Those are all good things, I think. If I were a stranger to makeup or always used the same colors, I’d be worried I wouldn’t look like myself the day of the wedding. As it is, I think I’ll be okay and Randy won’t be tempted to say, “Who are you?” 😉

Since I’ll be going for my hair and makeup trial in April (!!!), I’ve been looking for inspirational pictures. Here are some of the ones I like so far:

If you didn’t know, that’s Liv Tyler. 😉 While I like this look, the eye makeup focuses too much on the plums for me. I’d rather use the plum as an accent color – not the main one.

Almost like what’s shown in this picture collage:

I’m a big fan of the black eye liner here. I just hope my lashes don’t look as clumpy as hers. 😛

If I want to go the smokey eye route, I like these two pictures:

When it comes to my lips, I very rarely wear lipstick. I don’t particularly like the way it feels and often opt for tinted lip gloss instead. I do, however, love L’Oreal’s Infallible lip gloss in Fiery. It’s the perfect combination of brown, red/pink and shimmer. Hopefully I’ll be able to wear that the day of!

What’s your skin care routine? Any products you can’t live without?

P.S. Be on the lookout for Fantastic Photo Friday! I was sifting through my wedding bookmarks yesterday and realized I’ve saved too many not to share. Sooo … I’m creating a new avenue to spotlight them and the accompanying weddings. Although some may only be here to follow my journey, hopefully you’ll appreciate the pictures as much as I do.

P.P.S. Randy and I will be starting our his first wedding project this week! We bought all necessary items to create our photo frame card box tonight. I’m super excited to view the DIY project through the camera lens. 😉 I also purchased several yards of this beautiful pink, frilly ribbon for our ribbon wands. I had to order more from Michael’s and it will hopefully be here at the beginning of April. Yay!