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Bachelor party??

November 22, 2010

Remember when I posted this:

Bachelor party? That line actually made me laugh. Poor Randy won’t get a bachelor party since he works every night. He can’t call in sick; he can’t take nights off. Well, he could, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. No need to worry on this end.

I think I lied was misinformed.

Even though I was sick this weekend, I separated myself from the couch long enough to have dinner with Randy and my youngest brother Matt. While munching on some chips and queso, the conversation turned to Randy’s best man, Jaime, and the bachelor party.

Randy: Yeah, Jaime said he’s not sure what he’ll do for the bachelor party … <insert lewd suggestion involving strippers and lap dances>**

Me: Well, how can you even have one? You work every night.

Randy: I’m not supposed to work the night before the wedding …

Me: You are not having your bachelor party the night before the wedding! Are you kidding me?

Matt: (laughing hysterically) Do it!

My mind immediately flashed to this picture:

Complete exaggeration, of course.

I am torn over the situation, though.

On one hand, Randy deserves a night of fun. He’s a home-body who works hard and very rarely hangs out (in the beer-drinking sense) with his friends. If the night before the wedding is the only time he can have a bachelor party, who am I to tell him he can’t?

On the other hand, I asked him to take that Friday off so he could be well-rested for our big day. Randy could fall asleep at the drop of a hat … and typically sleeps during the day. I figured taking the night off would help curb that. Bachelor party ≠ Rest.

Stay tuned to see what unfolds. 😉

**Jaime’s wife would make his life a living hell (I’m not joking) if strippers were involved, so I think we’re safe.