Way too social?

October 12, 2012

A friend and I exchanged these text messages earlier this week:

Her: Look under social. What do you see??!!??

Me: Haha! That’s meee! Does that mean I’m way too social? 😉

Her: Lol!!! Means I keep your blog in my apps. 1st page!!

Oh. My blog.

Perhaps that means I should update it!

Lots and lots has been going on in Lindsay-land during the last few months.

 I survived my first full wedding season

I learned a lot about myself and how I approach photography. I either put too much thought into pictures I take – or I snap away carelessly without paying attention to the important things (background, light, etc.). Sometimes I get lucky and walk away with a good picture, but most of the time I end up frustrated with the results. In the off-season I’m really going to try and find a happy medium.

 I spent 10 days traveling the East Coast

Amberlee and I had a wedding in Delaware in September, so we made a workcation out of it. We visited NYC which was my first time in the Big Apple. They always say you remember your first – and I definitely will! I squealed when we drove past the NY Times and Madison Square Garden. We survived riding the subway. We happened upon a HUGE Castle billboard just off Times Square. We saw the Naked Cowboy. We stayed out until 2 a.m. and I could’ve gone all night. The energy was AMAZING. I can’t wait to visit again! Afterward, we had an engagement session on the campus of Yale. Then we drove to Maine … and I had the most amazing lobster mac and cheese. Gah! Then we drove back down the coast to Virginia for our final wedding. While there we stayed with Amberlee’s dad and I got to snuggle some doggies!

I started branching out

You may remember when I took photos of my friend’s daughter in August. Well, I have since done two other senior session with a third next week. I have a family sessions scheduled for this Sunday and next. I have another session schedule for later in the month and one in November. I still have a difficult time make heads or tails of this. It’s crazy!

 I bought a domain

I can be an impulse buyer under the right (wrong?) circumstances. I follow Adam Carolla on Twitter and he recently purchased a domain through GoDaddy and offered a code for a discount. So I used it. Purchased lindsayfotografie.com right from my phone. Ha! I thought I was SO cool. That was until I realized how frickin expensive it is to own/run your own website. At least I know no one else can have the domain. 😉

That’s about it! Posts are useless without pictures, so here are a few of my favorites from the two senior sessions:


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