I’m a photographer? Who knew?

July 12, 2012

I’m dusting off the old blog today!

It’s only been, what, six months? Haha!

The one-year anniversary of my first DSLR purchase is rapidly approaching. And, I have to be honest, I’ve improved SO much since I first clicked the shutter. It’s actually overwhelming.

My pictures have gone from this:

To this:

(Amberlee Christey Photography)

Even though I KNEW that picture was kick-ass when I took it, I still stare at it and think, “That’s mine?”

Amberlee tells me all the time, usually via text, “U Rock!”

And I tell her she’s full of it. 😉

She and everyone else around me obviously saw something I didn’t.

Until this week, I couldn’t get past the hundreds of terrible pictures I had to take to get ones I kinda, sorta liked.

Until this week, I would have never, ever labeled myself a photographer; I was just a girl learning photography.

But all of that changed when I obliterated two items on the list of “Goals for My First Wedding Season,” and stepped out of my comfort zone to take pictures for a family I’d never met.

I have a top-secret list of goals for this wedding season. I know it’s weird to keep it a secret, but in my warped mind I think if I tell anyone it will somehow diminish accomplishing any of the items. I know it’s crazy talk. I’m working on it, promise! Haha! 😉

Anywho! Back to those two items I knocked out of the park – Take a picture I love more than any other (see above), and have at least one photo make the 2012 Weddings folder on the Facebook page for Amberlee Christey Photography.

We’re only four weddings in and I already have three in the folder! Woot!

Last night, I took pictures of two adorable kids at Dorsey’s Knob. I’d never met them or their parents before, but a friend of mine referred them to me. It was the first time I’d ever taken pictures (on my own) for someone other than friends.

I was scared shitless. Seriously. I even made poor Randy go with me to help calm my nerves.

But then I saw pictures like these on my LCD screen and I knew I worried for nothing …

Who the heck took these?? Oh, wait, I did! It’s been a week of revelations for sure. What’s one more?

Hello! My name is Lindsay and I’m a photographer.


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