Let’s Do 52: Week 2

January 9, 2012

I adore this picture. A lot.

I took it Saturday around 6 p.m. You know, that time in the winter when the day sky is almost night (but not quite). As I was leaving my house to go birthday card shopping, I looked at the sky and walked back inside to get my camera. It was another one of those a-ha moments where I just “knew” I would regret not taking my camera.

It’s funny how you see things differently with a camera in-hand.

It just so happens this is my entry for Paint The Moon Photography’s Let’s Do 52 photo project. Each week we’re given two photo prompts to choose from, and we’re asked to submit one photo for our chosen theme. This week our choices were Responsibility or Open.

Pretty open to interpretation, huh?

I originally took a very literal approach – photographing a beer bottle and a hand taking keys off the table (Drink Responsibly).

But I didn’t like it. How was that challenging my creativity?

It wasn’t.

So, I decided to go with “Open.”

So many times sky pictures include clouds. Clouds are nice as they give texture and depth to a shot; however, there is something about a clear sky – especially with the different gradients of color like in the one above – that is beautiful, seemingly never-ending. It’s almost as if watching a sky like this would do nothing but help clear your mind.

How’s that for open?

If you’re interested in photography – or just like looking at photos – I encourage you to check out the Let’s Do 52 Flickr group. There are many talented and inspiring photographers there.


On a side note, I created myself a little watermark to use when I post pictures here. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t say I’m exactly ready for a watermark, but I’ve had some instances over the last few months where a few of my pictures have been used (for profit) or doctored without asking. In a way it’s flattering, but it’s also maddening. So … yeah.


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  1. Thanks for finally writing about >Lets Do 52: Week 2 |
    No Longer A Bridesmaid <Loved it!

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