New year, new name

January 7, 2012

As you may remember, I wrote awhile ago about changing the name and image of my blog.

The original intent was to keep a journal about planning our wedding; however, I rather like writing and wanted to try and maintain this space after we said “I do.” While I love weddings, my priorities have shifted to taking pictures. There will certainly still be wedding items sprinkled throughout my posts, but the majority are going to focus on this new journey (and everyday life when applicable).

I’ve been racking my brain for months about what I could name this place.

You see, I have issues (and they are mine alone) when fauxtographers create Facebook pages, websites or blogs with the words “Photography” in the title when clearly they aren’t professional photographers. And before you ask, yes, this was a pet peeve of mine even before I purchased my camera.

I am not a professional.

I am not a fauxtographer either.

I’m just an ordinary girl who happens to like taking pictures.

After much thought, I decided I wanted a name that reflects my love of photographs and my Italian heritage. In it’s own way, it’s fitting since I changed my name when we got married (funny story about that tomorrow!).

So, I came up with “Lindsay Fotografie”.

Translated it means “Lindsay Photographs”.

And, speaking of photographs, here’s a picture of my friend’s ADORABLE son Kaiden. He is probably the sweetest baby ever. I want to snuggle him always. This was taken with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens (thanks, Santa!) on New Year’s Day:



One comment

  1. Love the new name and look. – Will continue to read and enjoy! 😀

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