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Let’s recap!

November 28, 2011

I’ve made a liar out of myself.

I’m not going to be doing wedding day recaps like I originally planned. So sorry.

Here’s the thing. I’m too far removed from the day to properly do it justice. And a lot of it is a complete blur.

However, Amberlee was kind enough to watermark the photos and make them web-ready so I’m not going to waste her hard work.

So! Here’s the plan. Since I have limited media space in the free WordPress account, I’m going to separate the photos by time of day (or event) and put them into Flickr albums. I’ll give a brief recap of that portion with a few pictures and a link to the entire gallery.

Sound good? I thought so. Up first …

Willey Wedding Recaps: The rehearsal dinner

Held at Crosley’s Banquet Center, the rehearsal dinner was one of those events where I e-mailed a venue, asked for the menu, ran the cost past Randy’s parents and said, “Okay! Where do I sign?”

The price included everything – food, non-alcoholic beverages, linens, set up/tear down, and gratuity.

It was completely effortless and the staff was wonderful to work with.

As you’re looking at the pictures, you’ll likely notice two things – I’m standing in almost every single one, and I’m wearing glasses.

(Amberlee Christey Photography)

I can’t tell you how many times I was told to sit down during the few hours we were at the restaurant. It’s in my nature to make sure everyone is attended to, so “relax” is not a word I often think about. Even with my standing tendencies, several people remarked at how calm I seemed.

Well, sure, I was calm. That’s because I flipped the eff out during the 45 minutes prior to arriving at the venue. I had my moment and that was that. 😀

As for the glasses, I was battling a fairly severe eye infection the week of the wedding. I saw my optometrist on Monday and he wrote me a prescription for some eye drops. I was to put two drops in each eye every three hours (while awake) Monday – Thursday. I added Friday as well (shhh!).

He also told me to go without my contacts until the absolute last minute the day of the wedding.

I wanted to laugh in his face when he said that, but I didn’t.

I simply decided the last minute would be 10 a.m. Saturday. Ha!

As a whole, the dinner was extremely laid back. No speeches; just eating, drinking and gift-giving.

Oh yeah … gift-giving! That hat I bought for Randy to wear the day of? He didn’t because he was afraid of having hat head. It is now a $30 dust collector. 😦

Have a look!


My first time

November 20, 2011

It’s been a rough day in Lindsay Land. Not sure why things seem to meltdown on the Sundays Randy is with Kyle, but they do.

So, I’m turning to my therapy … writing. 🙂

I promise, promise, promise I’m going to start wedding recaps soon (this week!). I seemed to have misplaced my color watermarked pictures (Shhhh … Don’t tell Amberlee ;)) for the moment, but I’m going to tear the house apart tomorrow to find it. No worries … I still have the black and white version, but it’ll drive me nuts if I don’t find the other CD. Haha!

**Never mind! Both folders were on the same CD. D’oh!

In the meantime, I want to write about something very important – My first time taking pictures by myself in a professional situation (no, work doesn’t count).

I was asked by a colleague to take pictures of an event she was hosting. She didn’t have a way to “hire” me, but that was AOK with me. I told her I welcomed any opportunity to practice and learn.

Social events like this don’t really lend themselves to a variety of pictures. Everything seemed to just be groups of people talking. To keep my brain fresh, I challenged myself to watch for certain things – people exchanging business cards, people in animated discussions, things that would not be “typical” in these situations.

Aside from the wedding I shot with Amberlee, I never shoot RAW. Why? Well, because I don’t have the means to process them on my home computer (Hello, Photoshop 7!). This time, though, I knew I could use my work computer for editing so I went for it. And it was wonderful! While I wouldn’t say it took less time to edit the photos, I was much more pleased with the final product.

I picked out about 30 photos, burned them to a DVD and shipped them out to my colleague via campus mail. I held my breath and waited for confirmation she received them.

She loved them! She even mentioned how artistic a few of them were. I have to admit, I never dreamed someone would view pictures I took as artistic. Maybe there is one hiding in me after all??? 😀

Here are two of those artistic ones:

I go back and forth on which one I like the most. Haha!

All in all, it was a great experience! I’m extremely fortunate to have been asked to help out.

And for good measure, here’s a wedding-related picture. Since we’ll be starting with the rehearsal dinner, here’s my favorite from that evening:

Snuggling with LouLou (aka Thalia). She was so tired (and so was I), so we relaxed together after dessert. 🙂