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Hotter than Hades

May 31, 2011

As I sit on my couch sweating like a 400-pound sumo wrestler (that’s a gross mental picture … sorry!), I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize in advance …

To our wedding guests;

To our wedding party;

To our ceremony musician;

To our photographer and her assistant;

To our officiant;

To ourselves.

I don’t know WTH I was thinking scheduling an outside ceremony for late June.

Actually, I do know what I was thinking.

May is an insane month in Morgantown with graduations. The beginning of June tends to be rainy. July is ungodly hot. August is insane with back-to-school crap (yes, crap).

That left two Saturdays, in my mind – June 18 and June 25. The former was already booked at our venue.

I was so concerned about rain I never stopped to consider it might be 95 degrees and humid on June 25.

So, I humbly apologize (you know, just in case). I promise you will be well taken care of in the food and drink departments afterward. I’ll even make sure you have something to fan yourself during the ceremony.

If it helps make it easier, I’ll be wearing a 35-pound dress and sweating right along with you. 😀


Hitting the “ignore” button

May 28, 2011

I had two goals last night:

Tonight’s goal: Print, separate and group 100 fans (or 400 petals :-P )

Tomorrow’s goal: Enjoy spending the day with my family and NOT thinking about the wedding.

I’m excited to report I reached (and surpassed) last night’s goal. The surpassing part, I think, makes up for blatantly ignoring today’s goal.

I just couldn’t let my happiness go to waste. 😉 Or, it was the realization that next weekend is shot (Integrate! Conference) and the weekend after as well (Mom and Dad are running a 5K in Pittsburgh).

You see, not only did we get all of the petals printed and separated, but I also printed our newsletter, assembled our Out Of Town (OOT) guest boxes, AND purchased our custom cake topper.

Let’s just go right down the line (saving the best for last). 😀

Program Fans

It took some finagling (ie. Completely scrapping my original files and starting over in Word), but we finally got everything centered on the petals and printing properly. Printing and separating these puppies was definitely a joint effort – me manning the computer, Randy manning the printer. Halfway through, I happened to look down at the “Wedding Ceremony” petal and what do I see?

“Welcoming Guest”

Oh no! I forgot the “s” on Guest. Fail.

That’s why one pile is shorter than the others. At first I was going to put those fans at the bottom, but I knew the perfectionist in me wouldn’t let that fly. Reprinting those petals this morning was my first act of rebellion toward today’s goal. Hehe!

But, all petals are correct now and awaiting assembly.

Newsletter and OOT Boxes

These go hand-in-hand. Printed and folded welcome letter:

At first I was up in the air about creating OOT boxes. We don’t have that many guests spending the night, so I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the effort. Attending my cousin’s wedding in Kentucky last year sealed the deal, though. It was a nice surprise to see the goody bags on our beds when we arrived. I didn’t know how much I would appreciate the gesture until much later when I desperately wanted a piece of gum – and there just so happened to be a pack in the bag. Much, much later I appreciated it even more when I realized I’d forgotten toothpaste. 😀

Here’s our finished boxes (contents list below):


  • White Gable Boxes – Oriental Trading
  • Pink Hearts Washi Tape – Cute Tape
  • Black& White Cardstock – Michaels
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon – Michaels
  • Flying WV air freshener – 😉


  • Newsletter
  • Snacks (crackers, granola bar, fruit snacks) – Sam’s Club
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, bandaids, Shout wipes, lint roller, tissues) – Travel sections of Target and WalMart
  • WVU postcards (Flying WV, Woodburn Hall) – Book Exchange
  • WVU chocolate – Book Exchange


Now for the best part! The part I can’t stop smiling about … our Cake Topper!

I initially wanted to keep it as a surprise, but I was too excited last night when I got the e-mail telling me it was ready.

Again, another awesome Etsy seller – lynnslittlecreations

I wanted a way to incorporate our fur babies into the wedding, but chinchillas aren’t the leash-training kind. 😉 When I found Lynn’s shop I immediately sent her an e-mail to see if she could sculpt our pets. As you can see, she could:

One chin is missing, but that’s my fault. I forgot to send a picture (bad Momma!). But Randy and I agree it looks proportionate, so no worries. I love the back, too, because she incorporated my veil AND flower:


Goals (and more presents)

May 27, 2011

The first set of petals for our program fans is printing as I write this! Woohoo!

Take that, Epson. 😉

Tonight’s goal: Print, separate and group 100 fans (or 400 petals :-P)

Tomorrow’s goal: Enjoy spending the day with my family and NOT thinking about the wedding.

We’ll see if I reach them.

Let’s talk about presents again! I love giving them. 😀

I already told you what I’m getting my girls and my parents. But now for a gift that may be unorthodox – one to our photographer.

Amberlee (I know you’re reading!), don’t scroll any further. Pretty please. 😀

Read the rest of this entry ?


More presents!

May 26, 2011

It’s been one of those weeks!

I was, however, given two great pieces of advice:

“It’s just a bump in the road.” ~Mom


“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” ~Co-worker

They both helped me realize it’s okay to have those insanity-laced moments (and broadcast them to the whole world via a blog), but it’s more important to remember it’s not the end of the world. Have your moment (cry it out … drink a jumbo … obsessively watch episodes of Castle) and move on.

So, that’s what we’re going to do. Move onto happier things!

I was hoping to post pictures of our first completed program fan tonight, but the printer is being contrary. It was out of black ink, so we bought a new cartridge … a genuine Epson cartridge. Unfortunately for us, the printer decided it didn’t like the new one and refuses to recognize it. Randy fell asleep waiting for new drivers to download, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow night.

Instead, I’m going to show you the presents I bought for my parents.

Mom, Dad … This is your cue to clickety click away

My parents don’t need “stuff.” Likewise, there isn’t a present or dollar amount big enough to express how truly thankful I am for all they’ve done. There just isn’t.

This made it extremely difficult to decide what to get them.

In the end, though, I opted for Hallmark picture frames for each. I figured Dad could put it on his desk at work and Mom could hang/stand hers … somewhere. 😉 Unfortunately, Hallmark doesn’t have pictures of their products online, so I don’t have anything to share as I’m not unwrapping the boxes.

I can, however, show you pictures of the best presents!

My Dad very seldom uses tissues. He always has a handkerchief in his back pocket. My mom is going to shed enough tears on wedding day to fill a swimming pool. I know it’s coming; she knows it’s coming. Let’s try to head it off at the pass!

Enter Embroiderybylinda and her embroidered handkerchiefs.

Dad’s will say (in blue thread):


Today a bride.

Tomorrow a wife.

Always your little girl

Love, Lindsay


A bit traditional, but I still like it. Considering I’m the only girl, it’s appropriate. 😀

Mom’s will say:


To dry your tears

As you have always dried mine

Love, Lindsay


Again, very appropriate. Moms are typically the nurturing, boo-boo-kissing, consoling ones. They’re the ones you call when you want to share good news, vent or cry.

Hopefully they’ll like receiving them as much as I liked picking them out.


I suck at writing headlines …

May 24, 2011

Headlines = Least favorite thing about writing e.v.e.r!

But, that’s a topic for another day.

I received my first major disappointment in the RSVP department today.

With the exception of Randy’s family (Guest List Management 101 next week), I think I did a fairly decent job anticipating who would and wouldn’t come. That way there are no surprises when someone says, “I’m sorry, but …” or “I can’t wait to come!” It’s all about knowing your friends, family and co-workers.

Unfortunately, the one “No” I didn’t anticipate was from my friend Meg (former Disney roomie, ‘member her?). It’s not cheap or easy to be an out-of-town guest. Especially one who would have to fly from Florida.

I get and understand it.


But, I’m still bummed.

I guess that means I’ll have to vacay in Orlando sooner than I thought. 😉

On another note, I need to know …

With a Saturday deadline, is it too early to be flipping out about RSVPs? I received two in the mail today and one verbal. That’s after going three days without receiving any. There are at least 25 still out there (not counting vendors … figured I’d e-mail them). Eek!


Hitting a wall

May 22, 2011

If the kid in that picture were female and 31 years old, I swear it was me.

I’m done.

Over it.

If we hadn’t invested two years of crafting, countless trips to Michaels, planning and brainstorming, and crying over stupid things (okay, that’s just me), I would say, “Screw this shindig and let’s hop on the next plane to Vegas.”

I’ve hit the proverbial wedding wall.

I don’t want to think about ribbon wands, food choices, music, how hot it could potentially be, etc., etc., etc.

I’m ready to be on the other side – married and planning the next part of our lives.


BUT, because I can’t end on a crappy note … You must go see Bridesmaids. Hilarious (and raunchy in parts)! 😀


A tale of two registries

May 19, 2011

Although I doubt anyone has looked at our Elder Beerman registry this week because I haven’t received astonished or congratulatory messages, I feel the need to share with you …

I am NOT pregnant.

In the near future (near being less than three years :-P), but not 37 days from the wedding.

Funny story …

I logged into our registry this afternoon to find six more items had been purchased since the last time I checked.

The Nosy Nancy in me quickly clicked “View Registry” to see what they were.

As I was scrolling down through, I came to a six-pack of baby socks.

Uhhh …

I stared at that entry for at least two minutes trying to process what the heck they were, where they came from and, more importantly, why someone bought them!

Someone at Elder Beerman, however, was genius and created the “Track Purchases” function.

Oh, but what did I find there?

Not only were there baby socks, but a purple dress and a three-pack of onesies … all purchased by a co-worker.

Then it dawned on me.

My work bridal shower was Tuesday; a co-worker’s baby shower is Friday. This woman purchased my shower gift and the baby shower gift at the same time. Somehow, the baby items were scanned and added to our registry.

At least that’s the only plausible answer in my mind.


The only thing that stinks is you can’t delete items once they are purchased – even if they weren’t there originally. 😉 There is, however, a “Hide this Item” function. Whew!

Don’t worry; next to my family and friends, you, dear readers, will be the first to hear of a bun in the oven.


We’re just over a week from our RSVP deadline and 40% of our guests have yet to respond. Believe it or not, it’s split 50-50 between “my” guests and “Randy’s” guests. I felt comfortable enough with the yeses we received – and the ones I anticipate rolling in – to create the first round of the seating chart. And it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as I thought it would be.

That’s tomorrow’s topic … 😀