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A fond farewell

April 28, 2011

Sorry I’ve been MIA for almost a week. It’s been crazy-busy. Such is the life of a bride, I guess.

However, I do have a bit of good news.


I bid adieu to our invitations today.

They should be in the hands of our guests no later than Monday (I hope).

Now, it’s time to sit back and wait for the RSVPs to come in. 🙂

I even bet myself (lame, I know) an ice cream cone from Dairy Cream Corner who’d be the first to respond. 😉


Bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend is finally upon us … and I’m so excited!

I’ve tried very hard not to bombard Alicia with questions like, “Have you heard from so and so?” or “Do you need me to do anything,” but I’ve failed miserably a few times. She’s been a trooper, though, (probably cussing me in her head :-P) and I appreciate it.

It’ll be so nice to be in the same room with my close family and friends. It’s been far too long!



The bad, the good, and the fabulous

April 22, 2011


Today has been one heck of a day, let me tell you.

My massage = Painful and awesome at the same time.

A deep tissue massage is not for the faint of heart, folks. I had to keep reminding myself to relax because some parts hurt so much – and I was anticipating them. Even though my muscles are sore, I can already tell a difference. 😀

I came home to find a FedEx box on my porch. What could this be???

It was our envelopes from the calligrapher!

On the positive side, they look FAB! On the down side, I found at least two mistakes. Mistakes I made. I spelled someone’s last name wrong … and I left a name off one of the envelopes. *facepalm* Also, I forgot there were some names that were out of order on the list I sent. Naturally, that means my handy-dandy numbering system for the RSVPs is off. Something I didn’t realize until AFTER I started stuffing. So, I said eff it and am going to number the envelopes instead.


Then, as I was stuffing envelopes (after cleaning up the grande Starbucks coffee I spilled on the table), the mailman knocked on the door. He handed me a box I realized must contain several longline, strapless bras for me to try on. I ordered several different sizes and was SURE at least one would fit.

Wrong. *&^%!!

Listen plus-size ladies, if you think it sucks to find a good strapless bra, try finding a good longline! If nothing else, it’ll give you a complex when you have to size up the band and down in the cup … only to find you didn’t size up enough (or too much). If I can give you any advice – don’t wait until a month before your fitting to start buying/trying. You’ll spend a fortune in shipping and more time waiting than anything.

I called my mom near tears and she gave me the information for a specialty store in Pittsburgh. I called right away and got an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed it’s a successful trip!

Now, I’ll give you the GOOD stuff. The stuff I’m sure you’re waiting on … Hair and makeup. 😉

While it felt odd to visit Spa Roma and not see my stylist, I walked out of the salon a happy bride. My hair is awesome. My makeup is awesome. And I’m making Randy take me out to dinner. Ha!


Side with the flower:

Close up of hair:

Naturally this is just a trial, so it’s not perfect. You’ll notice in my makeup pictures the fly-aways she’ll need to tame. There was also a tiny piece in the back that had fallen out. No biggie though.

When I sat down in the makeup chair, I told the esthetician I wasn’t afraid of eye makeup. Unless she went with blues, pinks and greens, she likely wouldn’t surprise me. I showed her the picture I had in mind, and told her I prefer browns and berries because they bring out my green eyes. She went to work and 45 minutes later I looked like this:

Here’s one with indoor light (as opposed to natural above):

And here’s a close up of the eyelids:

I feel wonderfully beautiful. Woohoo!!


A beautiful day

April 21, 2011

It’s a beautiful day

Don’t let it get away

It’s a beautiful day

I fully anticipate that U2 song to be tomorrow’s anthem.

You see, I have the day off and plan on spending it in two different spas.

Up first is a deep tissue massage at Waterfront Spa and Salon. I don’t treat myself to massages (or facials … manis … pedis) very often. In fact, I’ve only had one massage in my life, and that was two years ago for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party. Given that it has taken almost two weeks for my back to start feeling better, I decided to take Mom’s suggestion of indulging in a rub down (that sounds dirty … sorry). As someone who carries stress in her shoulders, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I can’t wait!

then … Then … THEN …

It’s off to Spa Roma for my hair and makeup trials. Wooofreakinghoo!

I had my stylist cut my hair and shape my layers last Sunday in preparation for this momentous occasion. Even though I’ve lived in glasses for almost a year, I ordered contacts on Monday so I could get an accurate picture of what I’ll look like the day of. After consulting my stylist, even though she won’t be dolling me up on the big day, I’ve decide to aim for these looks:

My hair will have to be a little higher off the neck to accommodate my veil – and I want an off-center side part as well.

As for the makeup, I’m taking in an Avon book with the below eye makeup picture:

I think it’s absolutely perfect! It’s not too subtle, nor is it too bold. Like I said, perfect. I plan on telling the cosmetologist about my tendency to flush and never wearing lipstick, so hopefully she can offer some guidance on what should be worn in those areas.  😀

I’ll make sure to take pictures to share!


Dun dun dun

April 19, 2011


Randy got a telephone call from his best man at 1:30 a.m. – from the emergency room.

It seems Jamie broke his ankle kicking a heavy bag last night. Eek! After Randy asked if he was okay, he said, “Guess you didn’t have enough beer in you, huh?”

Only men. Haha!

He didn’t know the extent of the break or how long he’d be in a cast, but he’s supposed to let Randy know today.


Wedding Central

April 18, 2011

I’m sure you had (or have) one.

Mine just happens to be the living room.

Randy and I rent a small house with a total of five rooms – including the bathroom. Trust me when I tell you it’s nothing fancy (it’s very old and could stand a face lift); however, it serves its purpose. So many other people in this world don’t have somewhere to call “home,” so we’re quite fortunate.

Behold, Wedding Central:

That would be my bridal shower and wedding dresses hanging in the doorway. You also see two large storage containers with various items.

In this picture, you can see some wrapped presents,  and several boxes full of other random stuff (cardbox, jewelry, flower girl gifts, etc.). And one lonely plant. Haha! But, do you see that box all the way to the right? This one:

Organizing it was my midnight task Saturday while hyper on caffeine. It contains the beginnings of our guest boxes (separated by singles and couples), our stamps, invitations, recipe cards, table numbers and thank you stickers. All sections are separated by the flaps of cardboard boxes that were laying around the house.

I knew if I didn’t organize now – while the piles are manageable (HA!) – I would get overwhelmed as it got closer to the day. 🙂

What did you do to stay organized?


A rainy day activity

April 16, 2011

The weather was yucky in Morgantown today and I was feeling lazy, so I decided to accomplish a wedding task that required me to sit on the couch with the laptop. 🙂

As I mentioned before, we’re going to have very few out-of-town guests who actually spend the night. However, I want to create guest boxes for those who do. I plan on including some snacks, informational brochures, easily forgotten items (toothpaste, Tylenol, etc.), WVU souvenir, bottles of water, and the above newsletter.

I tried to be a skilled designer and create the document in Adobe InDesign, but that was a big fat FAIL. Google, practice and lots of patience taught me a lot about Photoshop over the years, but I wasn’t in the learning mood today. I abandoned the advanced program and went back to the trusty Microsoft Word. The newsletter isn’t flashy by any means, but it will serve its purpose.

I included a note from us, history of Morgantown, several pictures, and important information. I also suggested things to do, places to eat and bars to visit. Hopefully people will be able to put it to good use!


Chomping at the bit

April 15, 2011

71 days remain.

That’s it.

While a wise man (that’s you, Uncle John) once told me not to wish my life away, I’m ready. Ready for June 25 to be here. My excitement level is almost uncontrollable – and I’m having more and more instances of “bride brain.”

I can’t concentrate. I check my e-mail incessantly hoping for one containing our ceremony draft … or a note from the calligrapher saying our envelopes are ready … or a message about our cake topper.

My thoughts are literally going a mile a minute. It’s no wonder I can’t sleep through the night! What’s unusual, though, is I’m not paranoid or worrying (so unlike me!).

Hopefully I’ll be taking some fitness classes with Alicia during the month of May. That’ll give me an outlet for this energy.

Any other suggestions from former brides on taming the crazies? 😉


As of today, I’m down three pounds this week. Five pounds lost total. Woo! I only exercised once this week – and pulled a muscle in my back doing it (improper form doing squats, I would guess) – so I concentrated on drinking water and eating right. 😀