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Gifts Galore

August 22, 2010

Bridesmaids Warning: Unless you don’t want your gifts to be a surprise, I’d suggest you skip reading this post. Mmmmkay? Thanks!




Before I tell you about some of the gifts I’ve picked out for my dear friends, I need to give you some background on my gift-giving skills (or lack thereof). For as long as I can remember, my parents would ask us what we wanted for our birthdays. And that’s what we would get. For Christmas, we made lists and that’s what Santa brought us. I’ve found myself doing the exact same thing with Randy and friends. If you don’t tell me what you want, you’ll likely get a gift card. 😛

I don’t mean that to sound as if I don’t try. In actuality, I probably over think purchasing gifts (wanting something that’s perfect) and end up running out of time or getting frustrated.

I want to make sure the gifts for our parents and wedding party truly reflect how much they mean to us. Seriously, we wouldn’t be where we are without their love and support. Soooo … I got a heads start on the gifts for my girls: Alicia, Becky and Tania.

It’s true we live in the world of social networking and online sharing, so phrases like “Can I have a copy of that picture?” have been replaced with “Make sure you tag me!” At the same time, it always nice to have pictures to display around the house. Since a print credit is included with our photography package, I’m going to let each one pick her favorite photo from the day.

But, I can’t give them a picture without something to display it! I thought it would be nice to have a frame with “Friends” written on it, but what would happen if they chose a portrait and the frame was landscape oriented (or vice versa)?

Walking through WalMart one night (when there weren’t MOBS of college students lining the aisles), I found the solution to my problem:

Sweet! It’s modern, kinda funky and no matter which way it’s displayed, “Friends” won’t out of place.

As someone who is very much into useful gifts, I thought it would be nice to get each one a wristlet from syl2830 on Etsy.

They’d be perfect for storing essentials – mirror, lip gloss, keys, phone, etc. However, I got a lukewarm response when I asked which particular pattern each liked. No biggie! I’d rather know before I buy; that’s why I asked. Becky didn’t hesitate to pick a pattern, so I’ll buy on for her. For Alicia and Tania, I semi-reverted to my gift card giving ways – giving each a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant.

My reasoning extends beyond not knowing what to give. Alicia is a newlywed whose husband works out of town. I thought it would be nice for them to go out to dinner (on me!) when he’s home. Similarly, Tania is married and has two little girls. As you can imagine, date nights are few and far between. I’m sure many mothers can attest to how important those nights are. 😉

Philosophy has some of the yummiest smelling shower gels and shampoos. It just so happens they have a Bridal Party set:

Who doesn’t need bath goodies? The wedding scents are just a bonus. I may even buy myself one!

I know jewelry is typically a “standard” bridal party gift, but I have to be honest … I’m not really comfortable buying it for other people. I’ve done it, yes. Would I do it again? Highly unlikely. I feel like jewelry is really personal. Some people like silver, some gold. But is it yellow gold or white gold? Hoops or studs? At the risk of them opening up the box and saying, “Does she really expect me to wear this,” I decided to leave the choices in their hands. 😀

Instead, I’m giving them something that’s going to remain a secret for now. Hey, a girl has to keep something to herself (and from them … just in case one or all decided not to head my earlier warning :-P). I may throw in a few miscellaneous items as well – Old Navy flip flops, Solemates, a small survival kit. Who knows!

But what does one put all of this STUFF in?

A much-bigger-than-I-thought monogrammed tote, of course!

Check another item off the list – thank goodness. 🙂




I dreamed a dream

August 14, 2010

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Please, someone tell me they were also plagued by wedding nightmares dreams while planning their big day. Surely I’m not the only one. 😛

I’ve only had two that I can remember, but they were vivid and felt real. So real, in fact, I woke up panicked and sweating.

Seriously, Lindsay? Get a grip.

That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

In my first dream, we were getting married in a concert hall and I was wearing an all-lace dress (!!). The flowers weren’t even close to what I’d ordered, less than half of our guests made it to the ceremony, and the heel of my shoe ripped a huge hole in my dress.

Last night, I dreamed our entire bridal party walked to the football stadium to have pictures taken; however, we were sweaty and gross by the time we got there because it was Then, we found the WVU football team practicing on the field so they turned us away. Then it started to rain. And I bawled.

What the heck? Talk about irrational fears. The football team wouldn’t be practicing on the field in June. And we’d be thumbing a ride to the stadium – not walking. 😉

Considering how long I’ve been planning this shindig, I don’t understand what’s going on. With the exception of a few key items, everything is on schedule. I will admit to worrying about things falling apart at the last minute – no matter how much attention I pay to details. Maybe that’s where the dreams are coming from? Or maybe it’s from having so many ideas swirling in my head but no way to make them come to life yet. Knowing how I am, though, I’ve already given myself the “let-it go” (as Van on Reba would say) pep talk for the day of. Who the heck wants to be stressed out on their wedding day? Not this chic.


Dress after dress

August 6, 2010

Ghost post time! While you’re reading this, I’m visiting wineries and seeing my most favorite singer in the whole wide world with friends in the Chautauqua, NY area. Although I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, I need this mini-vacation. I feel like summer has flown by and it’s only going to get busier. I’ll be at the West Virginia State Fair Aug. 16-19 and the students will start rolling into town Aug. 2o. So, yeah, I’m excited for some me time.


In just a little over a month, I’m going dress shopping for the first time. However, it won’t be the first time I’ve tried on a wedding dress. Picture it, Monaca, Pa., May 2009 …

My mom, dad and I were in a little bridal boutique to order my mom’s dress for James and Jennah’s wedding. Newly engaged, I couldn’t help but sift through the racks of wedding dresses. I never intended to try one on – especially since I wasn’t feeling well and not really in the right frame of mind – but I was suckered into it. Mom wanted me to; the sales lady said, “Oh come on. It’s Mother’s Day weekend,” and Dad just stood there. 😛


So I picked out this sparkly chiffon-like number and went into the dressing room.

Hideous. Awful. What was I thinking?

In hindsight, I’m glad I tried it on because it showed me what I DIDN’T want in a dress. I need something that’s structured, something shapely with thicker/stronger fabric. I also want something strapless.

When having my bridesmaid’s dress altered last year, I realized my shoulders are very small in proportion to the rest of my body. It made getting the dress straps just right extremely difficult. I even had to use Hollywood Tape to help them stay in place. I vowed then to buy the best strapless bra and wear a strapless dress the day of my wedding. 😀

As a plus-size bride (who will not kill herself to lose weight for her wedding), I’ll admit I’m intimidated by bridal salons. I already know dress sizes run small so the numbers won’t bother me; however, I worry the selection of gowns I can actually try on will be slim.

I have high hopes for Checker’s Bridal in Belle Vernon, Pa. The shop actually carries two lines of plus-sized gowns – Bonny and Moonlight’s Victorian Rose. Here are several dresses I like:

Bonny 1825

Bonny 1905

Bonny 1014

Minus the shrug

Bonny 1008

Looking at them again, I realize two of the four don’t have much structure to their skirts, but I really like the tops. We’ll see how I feel once they’re on. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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Hey! Did you hear?

August 3, 2010

Chelsea Clinton got married!

I’m sure you haven’t heard. It’s not like it was dubbed “our royal wedding” or anything. 😉

Although my post is not timely (dang part-time job!), congratulations to the happy couple! I’m sure they’re reading this as they sip mojitos on the shores of some private beach. 😀

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures, but I particularly liked these two:

TPI News

She looks beautiful (and so much like her mother)! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have custom Vera Wang gowns?

Washington Post

I’ll admit, this picture kind of choked me up (lame, I know). Not because of who it is, but because I’m sentimental and it makes me think of walking down the aisle with my dad – especially since I’m the only girl. I can already pinpoint at least three times I’m going to cry on our wedding day – when Dad sees me in my dress for the first time, when Randy and I see each other for the first time, and saying my vows.

Speaking of dresses … Wanna see one I like? Sure you do! 🙂

Forever Yours

I found it this evening in my new Brides magazine. It’s the plainest of the ones I like, but simple isn’t always a bad thing. I’d probably have to get rid of the belt though. 😛

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